Registrations Closed now

The Sf Knockout is a one of a kind short film competition conducted among Aspiring filmmakers, currently open to teams from Chennai and Coimbatore.

What’s so special about knockout?

  1. It is designed keeping in the mind the extremely competitive scenario that exists in the current film industry
  2. It is a mix of online and offline competition.
  3. The Teams will be tested on the 3 aspects 1. Philosophy 2. Technique 3. Sensationalism
  4. Rewards will be more useful and will make the teams progress from being a starter to a professional
  5. More Details will reach you, as we near the competition

Key points

  1. The Film should be in the duration of anything between 5-15 minutes
  2. Films that were made more than 8 months before will not be entertained
  3. This is a competition for starters. Not professionals
  4. Films submitted should not have been published or even if it is published must be kept in private mode during the competition.
  5. The Competition is not restricted to any particular genre.