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Student Filmer was originally started as a Digital Magazine but over the course of time, as we engaged with numerous aspirants and professionals, we understood that there are challenges aplenty for the filmmaker to tackle apart from gaining knowledge. And at the core, we identified three problems faced by the aspiring filmmaker
1. His/Her productivity
2. the absence of a solid team
3. The exorbitant cost of making of a film


After numerous experimentation, we settled on a novel program to mitigate the above said problems faced by the filmmaker. We were curious as to how well the program would benefit the selected aspirants. To our surprise, it came out well. The five filmmakers that we selected were able to make films with more than average efficiency, with the help of a solid team and last but not least, with little or no budget.


Till now, Student filmer in a matter of one year has helped more than 20 Filmmakers to make films. Most of these films have performed extremely well in the domestic festival circuit and recently the one-of-a-kind Knockout Short Film competition was conducted among 10 filmmakers, which had the winners screen their films to the public.


As against convention in the digital space, Student Filmer gives more importance to people rather than the content. With a solid team of 10, Student Filmer aims to set up a platform for the Aspiring filmmakers who have little or no budget but nevertheless a solid dream and appetite to make films.

Student Filmer is not restricted to students. The term ‘student’ refers to people who always say Yes to continuous learning

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