How to Run Away from ‘Kaapan’ with a ‘Oththa Seruppu’

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I remember watching Surya with a grin on his face during the audio launch of kaapan.

What just happened?

Millions of money put into a commercial Thriller goes waste. Whose money, who is to blame for the loss, we don’t know. Clearly everyone lost it. Even the audience who cared to watch for Surya.

On the otherside, only a paltry amount of money would have went into this psychological investigative Thriller, the film releases with no big fanfare, from the small posters on the back of the bus, people begin to recognize partthipan and they kind of remember his way of films, some assume that this is just going to be just  another of his experiments, but what just happened. Everybody starts talking about the film. Everybody claims that is a world class attempt. Clearly everyone is at gain. Even the audience who decided to take the bet on the Oththa Seruppu.

Our boys are back. Putting things in perspective as to why Oththa Seruppu, a mono-act film is a class act.




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