The Many Un-Filmmaking Lessons from NGK!

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If you have watched it , can you tell me what things went wrong in the film?

Yes Selva Raghavan is a master. And Masters either make it or break it. There is no middling for them. They don’t know to create ‘okay’ ones.

Either it is legendary or it is trashed.

But still NGK needs to be talked upon. It has to be analyzed. How a Master like Selvraghavan can make blunders. It is a clear disaster. Again only Masters can do that.

Meanwhile As a fan, as an Aspiring Filmmaker, you might be thinking about this all the while. This is a surprise for all of us.

And hence we have to talk. Understand what went wrong.

Hereby, Summing the many Un-Filmmaking lessons from NGK

Team Student Filmer!

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