Does Simple Plot-lines Work in Tamil Films: Lessons from Monster!

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Our audience are used to watching big things in theatres. They want a small hero fight a big villain. And this villain could be a gangster, a government, a psychopath, basically something really big,

They don’t like small things happening in films,

They always want our hero to fight a big problem,

Saving the world, raga to riches, marrying a filthy rich girl, life and death, Our audience long for a big crisis in every films they watch!

And in this case, if you present our audience, with a simple cute plot line, would they really accept it.?

How about our hero get into a new house, and he faces a might villain: A mouse??

Our Boys Prithvin and Ranga, tells about how to make simple plot lines work in Tamil Films!

Here we Go!

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