How to Fake/Stage a Moving Car Conversation Sequence?

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Shooting a dialogue scene inside a moving vehicle is never easy, and it’s especially tough when you’re working on a short film with limited budget, said the Director of the film ‘Tragedy’. On a full scale feature film with a large budget, you can block off roads, or use equipment to mount cameras to the hood of the car. Micro budget productions on the other hand can’t afford any of these luxuries, so other techniques need to be employed in order to get the shot without sacrificing quality or safety. Add to all of this, the difficulties associated with directing your actors in a car scene and you have a whole other slew of problems. When shooting a scene in a moving car in a busy road, the Cops may catch up the team anytime. For these reasons and more, many micro budget productions have no choice but to use some out of the box techniques or “hacks” to get around these issues.

Hacks never meant to fool the audience, when the director delivers the scene how he exactly wanted it to be conveyed, the purpose is served. Magic happens at any point of the creation, and that’s because of the cinematography. A moving car sequence in a busy road is beautifully made in an empty ground with a standing car. The director was not convinced with the hack at first, but later when people came up with their feedbacks, none of them have noted the ‘made-up car sequence’, the scene was enjoyed as it was. The scene was believed to be truly taken in a moving car, here where the Director is satisfied and wondered the magic of cinematography and the team’s work. Therefore, movie making is all about giving life to the life less.

How exactly the team did it?

Vishwesh, the cinematographers explains in detail,

When Ajit proposed this plan, I didn’t object to it, since I always wanted to show some difference in whatever I attempt. So this came up, We decided to go ahead. We shot in Sony A7S2 since it works best in low light conditions, went ahead with Zeiss and Canon lenses, used two zoom lens 16-35 and 24-70. When it came to faking the moving car scene, we decided to keep 2 two-wheelers with their lights on and covered with red and yellow color wrappers. One of the bikes would be just still with the lights on to the right of the car, while another bike would start from a few metres from the back of the car and move ahead parallel to the car and turn sideways. And there were two of them literally shaking the car, and the lights would come from all the three sides except the front where the camera is.

Watch tragedy if you haven’t and since we have told the secret, the staging would be more visible. Enjoy the Award winning Tragic comedy!

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