Why Should a Filmmaker Do a Theatre (Drama/Skit/Plays)?

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The comparison between theatre and cinema is like Kamal Haasan Vs Rajnikanth where they have their own uniqueness. There are many aspects where an aspiring filmmaker can learn from theatre which can be adequate to his filmmaking.

Being a theatre artist what makes me an aspiring filmmaker is joy of creating that art to larger audience, self satisfaction and of course fame.

Let me list out the stuff what theatre feeds one and its uses in terms of filmmaking aspirant:

Act before saying Action:

The finest thing about theatre is when you step into it, you will definitely step out with the quality of acting. So, the desired output of theatre is that it will always sharpens one’s acting skills.

To be noted, theatre will always provide wide shot view to its audience making the need of everyone and everything on the stage to act. So, being an aspirant you not only make your cast to act but also the frame.

Acting for a filmmaker helps in deriving the desired output from his cast at ease like satisfying the need of a child by his mother even before the child utters a word.

Catch up with Creativity:

“No Art exists without Creativity”. In the case of theatre you always crave for Creativity everywhere in your lively performance to engage with your audience with wow factors.

I strongly believe Creativity is not a element to be learnt but a feel to be felt and theatres always ends up in sowing it in you.

Success Starts with Selection:

“Your first compromise is your first failure” is the statement theatre feeds me in every failure. The time I steeped into compromise while selecting cast, costumes, dialogues and doing rehearsals the play started deviating from my expectation.

The best advice here to be quoted is be stubborn in working out your project as per your expectation. Never compromise in choosing stuffs to your project. It may have the longest path to success but the path never fails.

Travel as per your Target:

During my college days, our team had performed street play in college, schools and even to public consisting of different age groups.

The theme we handled is same for all the performance but the way we maintained in delivering it  differs based on audience. Yeah, the same technique as like reservation.

Before deciding the story or screenplay for your project do define your target audience where  you want to pitch your ideology.

Patience will be paid:

 There always exists a work stream where we will be working for days on the process without any progress. Theatre and cinema are the most suitable examples for the above work stream.

There had been days where we work on developing storyline, concept of the play without any development and also rushed at times witnessing us in collapsing the whole play.

In the aspect of filmmaking one has to maintain patience in order to workout things in desired manner. You need to follow a step by step process in every progress to reach  your destination whereas rushing up will never help in achieving your destination.

Unity is always Ultimate:                                                                                                                                                            

 Unity always remains a ultimate goal for every team work. However, in theatre unity is not an element witnessed by audience but by the souls performing on the stage. It always workout as a fun within your team which indirectly increase the quality of your work.

While in filmmaking we tend to have a larger crew where creating the bond remains a tedious process. But once you start creating that bond you need not be worried about the quality of your project at each streams.

Observe the Opponent:

 Observation is the technique we always follow in finding the strategy of our opponent and that helps in understanding the audience better. Every team will showcase their uniqueness which will be very impressive. So, don’t loosen up your own unique while adopting this stuff.

There exists a vast area in filmmaking where one can spend his whole life in learning films. So, do observe films of various category for betterment of you and your project but always stick to the point inspiration differs from copycat.


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