Is Your Film Shareworthy or Is it just Watchable? What defines Virality in Internet?

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Much to the dismay of not able to secure a single ticket for Viswasam (Watched Petta already), I succumbed to my couch deciding to watch something Facebook intellectuals were teasing or talking about. It was Sigai, an Independent film that couldn’t secure a place in theaters but bought by the streaming player Zee5.

So it was more like an instant connection, both of us (Sigai and myself) couldn’t land on a theatre and we had Zee5 to the rescue.

Some 30 minutes, into the movie, everything seemed unique to me. It looked like I was in a distant land far far away from ‘Paraaq’ and ‘adichuthooku’ cries.

Sigai, What a setting it has!

Even the intro montages of the mundane Chennai were striking to say the least. The plot was intriguing and I was suddenly in love with this Zee5 platform. Here it is someone trying to support an outstanding film (outstanding as in it couldn’t get a position in theatres)

But was it outstanding as a film?

Um nope!

Halfway into the movie, you will get a reality check, The movie direction changes into an unimpressive turn, the movie resolve and conclusion was not even close to average.

I was trying to make sense of what really happened with the team. There could be valid reasons but one of the main reason could be lack of funds, and the fact that some old 500 rupee notes keep popping into the movie, reminds us that it is not an all new film. (taken some 2 years back)

All this unfortunately plays opposite to how the movie started in the first place.

when I tried to find out, whether anybody echoes my thoughts on the film, that’s where I found this gem.

Gem as in, note the words  “a very passable movie”

Something started making sense to me!

Internet do not want passable/watchable content. It demands shareable content!

So if you making an internet sketch, or a short film or a web series, ask yourself,

Is your content shareworthy?

Does it have enough to disturb its audience?

And How can you possibly disturb your audience?

Does it have narratives, that showcases untold truths?

Does it have stories told from an unseen perspective?

Just think all about those content that went viral?

Why do you think it didn’t remain as just watchable, why did it become shareable?

Coming back to Sigai, if you find nobody talking, that doesn’t mean it is bad.

It means it is just watchable. What started as something remarkable, shareable soon waned into a passable Okayish movie.

So think about this!

When a viewer has million shareable videos as alternatives,

When a viewer has Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as consistent new content generators,

Do you really think Your average watchable passable content can stand a chance?

Even some good marketing spends will only go down as futile!

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