How to Make Your Viewers Invest in Characters in a Fast Events-Driven Film?

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An aim of any writer of a film is to bring the audience & characters as close as possible. We all aim to achieve that so that the viewers are maximum engaged and experience relatability.  Now, this has to occur in two kind of films that we usually get to watch. One is the character driven ones like 96 (2018) and other is the event driven ones like raatsashan (2018). How do we establish a stable connection in films like these? Read further to know.

In character driven film like Pudhupettai (2006), the film demands the viewers utmost investment in the lead character. If the investment doesn’t occur, the viewer will ditch the film. So, in such films we have events that define the overall shape of the character. Continuous events keep popping out in the film giving us various shades of the particular character. Infact, we have events giving us answers to questions regarding the character like in 96 (2018). On the whole, we have events that help us understand the character better in the character driven ones.

In an event driven film like Raatsashan (2018), the incident (killings) in it is what drives the entire film. It’s the sole initiator in the film. Here, we cannot have events that contribute to the overall understanding of the lead character in it. Rather, we require more events contributing to the “ultimate initiator of the story- the killings”. More importantly, it demands the crux event to be sketched out very perfectly to its fullest such that it makes the viewer want to know more about it.

Take sarkar (2018). The event of the vote being forged is the most significant initiator of the story. But, the makers failed to sketch it out neatly and the resultant was that the event couldn’t be registered for us.  Even iravukku aayiram kangal (2018) is an example where the event wasn’t rightly registered to us. Very few films with respect to event driven ones like, dhuruvangal pathinaaru (2016), yudham sei (2011) have been able to captivate us with their initiators right in the start itself.

But, there’s a problem with event driven films. Though, no matter how perfectly the events are sketched out to us, these films also require character investment like any film. But, unfortunately, it’s a little tricky to achieve it here. In vanjagar ulagam (2018 -event driven), I couldn’t invest with one of the main leads of it named vishagan in it. Due to this, the events that followed weren’t interesting to watch at all. That’s when it occurred to me, what if vishagan was played by a known star to me? There would’ve been ready establishment for us! This is something that makers of chekka sevantha vaanam (2018) did. They casted stars who were already akin to the character in it that kind of became an establishment on its own for us!

Otherwise, one might require another set of events to make the character more investable. Something what Vetrimaaran did in Vada chennai (2018). We had good number of events to hoot for Rajan (Ameer).  So, with films that have relatively not so familiar faces, we either need ample portions for their establishment & connect. Or we can rope in relatively familiar faces that are akin to that character for ready establishment.

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