What’s in a Kiss? Everything Filmmaking!

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You might have seen endless number of short films shot and narrated in a cafe setting.

Years back when short films slowly begin to populate the internet, Kasappu Innipu made a lot of rave reviews and views. A simple story of two different couples in the same cafe. And how their lives swiftly change over a conversation from inippu to kasappu for one couple and kassappu to inippu for another went viral for all the right reasons, one reason could be because probably that was the first time, people were exposed to a different kind of cinema, we now call as Internet cinema.

Taking a good break from work, people begin to spend on a good 5 or 10 minute short films with just in their mobiles equipped with wifi or with the newly introduced 3g data.

Soon a tribe began to take shape,

Short filmmakers as they called themselves were determined to take their films out of the indoors,

People shot on roads,

People tried to mimic feature films through a cop or a ganster syled story,

But a good bunch stayed indoors and continued to experiment with inventive storylines,

Blueberry cheesecake is another good example. Same cafe, same couple, but fantasy in the end.

Talking about fanstasy, few able creators mixed with science and gave some goosebumps like the urban legends,

But some people stayed real. No out of the world gimmicks, genuine real life conflicts and how people resolve not in a cozy cafe but in just over a chai,

In a span of four years of Internet cinema, if you, as a filmmaker desired for a controlled environment to shoot, without having to worry about permissions, shooting in closed doors is the safest bet and the way to go,

And when you are dabbling with a new format such as a web series, and when someone rightly comes out with an anthology of short stories, and again named it as Behind closed doors, should you be surprised?

But what really caught my eye, dont take me wrong here,

What really surprised me in this anthology is a kiss!

A simple kiss of the eighth episode in behind closed doors,

Now i have to tell you, lip kiss has been used sparingly in a very limited number of short films and web series,

Just off the cuff, I can quote random numbers, where the kiss was used for thumbnail, but the film will be extremely good,

And there is another kiss  I came across, of late of a couple, one of them being pooja devariya in a web series titled room no 403, but it didnt surprise me, much, because of the context, the kiss looked just plain and natural.

But coming to our web series episode no 8, The kiss is special and something that deseved to be spoken about.

Whats there in a kiss, you again ask?

I did ask the same thing to one of our members Jothi pragasm when he excliamed that kannadi kathavurkile is a very cultually rich film.

I jokingly asked him, whaat why do you say that?

“Joe, look closer, in no other culture, you would see people seeing a kiss as something that is sacred or secret. And here, the girl suggests the boy for a kiss, and he looks around to see if anyone is eyeing on them, where do you think it happens?”

But why do you say it is rich?

“A kiss is like losing a virginity here, still, the way physical intimacy perceived is different here from the westerners, we still dont hug here, also we are governed by moral values, one man one woman, and kissing in public is a taboo still And if you observe the background, the couple (lower middle class) is juxtaposed with the cafe (higher middle class)”

“It is rich also because, it somehow exposes the transition in our culture.You can call it as evolution, the girl is dominant, which has now become  trend or a nice thing to see. Or should i say this boy is shown as a submissive character,he is a chatterbox unlike the alpha males that we are used to in the cinema, She often says “shut up” unlike the glamour dolls who run around alpha heroes”

Something striked me very hard.

“Jothi I think this is a wonderful film. something to take back as a lesson, just think about this, cuture is just two things, manifestiation of life and manifestation of love. Films as they are do either of these three things very well,

they either observe culture,

or question culture,

or propose a new culture

Kannadi kathuvirukule as the name sounds, observes the culture, just like the last frame where we see them from outside. It questions the culture subtly, in the sense, you ask what’s the big deal in a kiss, but still do we approve if someone does it in public and Propose a new culture, because common how many films have we seen people kiss?

Jothi intervened,

“Joe you are just reading too much”

“Wait a second, let me see the kiss one last time!”


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