We Finally Have a Standard for Web Series – Kallachirippu!

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If you have been seriously observing the type of content, that dominates in the internet pertaining to our region, you could easily sense the transition in the taste. Some 2 years back at this time, Short Films were at its peak. More budding filmmakers were making it and even more people were watching and talking about it. Short Films were clearly positioned for perfect online entertainment and viewers were ever appreciative of the innocent amateur art made by the feature film aspiring filmmakers.

But then,

Jio came into effect and suddenly everyone seemed to have faster internet connection. They were craving for videos like never before, but these newcomers had little attention time span since their main objective is just to pass the time. Coincidentally at this point, politics saw a sea of transitions which took the people by storm and soon criticizing politics became mainstream.  Trolls and skits supplied enough comedy and sarcasm, their main plus being they were made with extremely low budgets and hence highly frequent. Youtube channels had claimed they had finally discovered a stable way to monetize. They could pay their costs through Youtube ad revenues (which is still marginal) but all the more good news the brands were now ready to associate with these channels.


Netizens who belong to Pre Jio Era craved for quality cinematic  entertainment. They were used to the likes of Prime and Netflix which continually supply international filmy content but zero regional stuff making them even more desperate wanting to witness the first original content in Tamil. Few filmmakers tried to emulate the troll and skit like approach in their web series. It backfired big time. For example the Weekend Machan was received with great expectations but it satisfied only the troll and skit lovers, the creators were quick to understand the problem and as expected, their last few episodes were done fairly well. Livin, created by Madras central had all the elements of a perfect web series but still it was made with just few people, clearly the shoestring budget was always visible. But what was surprising was even when the budget was higher as it was in the case of As I am suffering from kadhal, the much hyped Hotstar show still stopped short of setting a benchmark. The filmmakers, the independent filmmakers fraternity with the hope of making and selling their virgin content realized that more than glamour, more then push marketing, more than cast, You need to possess sincere and in-depth content to qualify as web series.

And Then came the Kallachirippu!

I am not going to talk about the show as I know only few would have started watching the show. So I am going to ask you to log into Zee5 and watch the show and support the makers. Remember Supporting on-demand content is going to bring insane benefits if you are an Aspiring/ independent filmmaker.

Just an end note about Kallachirippu,

Totally binge worthy,

Dark, dramatic and at times comic,

The Darkness achieved through a totally relateable plot,

The Drama attained through some wonderful performances, (who is the casting director?)

And finally Kallachirripu is just genuinely laughable at many times thanks to no censors and thus Director Roju’s unapologetic writing!

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