Making of Mayir: Setting Up a World in Just 3 Minutes

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What best can you film in 3 minutes?

You can tell a nice short crisp meaningful story. Or,

You can show a world. 

A World with its unique set of characters, unique locations, unique problems and resolution.

Mayir tries to do the latter,

The citizen who has everything but the Mayir

the doctor who has everything but sells Mayir for living

the farmer who has nothing but the Mayir. 

All present in the world that is Omi baba International Hair Clinic!

We caught up with the director of the short. And Logi is all excited about his work.

Logi, where did you get the spark?

To be honest, On a random day, I was watching a news channel where the BJP representative Tamilisai Soundarajan was answering a few questions when one of the questions was about how people were teasing and mocking her, regarding her hair, for which she replied that people have many issues to focus but then they choose to look and comment about her hair. (I am not a supporter of BJP, by the way). But that was the spark of ‘Mayir’. I felt that she had a point that how people are distracted from real issues and focused on fussy things around that are of little or zero value

I get it. Can you explain to us the scene where our hero would enquire about the oldman’s age  instead of showing any empathy towards him. That was really cool sarcasm, right?.

It was a collection of all the anger focused against our ignorance and how ignorance is often a haven for bad things that continue to happen. If you can notice in the scene at the background, people would be using their mobiles instead of watching the news about the issue, I felt that slap in the form of sarcasm was necessary for the audience to realize our ignorance.

Coming to the making, What was the camera and lens used in the film?

Actually we used Panasonic GH5 for the shoot and we equipped it with prime lens.

Mayir had unique cast? How did you manage to cast and work for you. ?

So starting with the leads, Arun Alexander(doctor) and Arvind Janakiraman(patient), both were well trained actors, then Kathu Raja( the oldman) was a theatre artist and there was a little struggle in training him as it was new for him to act before the camera, but he picked up well and performed great in the screen and at last Shanthi(news reporter happens to be my Mom who acted in my previous films. She also had to be trained little before the shoot. 

How did you manage to get so many bald people as Extraas?

Initially having tried to find by myself, I failed and resorted to a casting agent, who sorted out the problem for me. And that was the expensive part we had to invest in the film.

Where did you shoot? You showed some nice interiors and exteriors.W

First of all I should thank Donna Rossi, the owner of a furniture shop in neelankarai and my dear friend Farhan for helping us set up and stage the doctor scene. The interior of the hospital was shot in a real hospital. Regarding the exterior, we shot the outside of a building and worked with the vfx team for creating the Hospital Board.

What was the  budget of the movie and how much you had to pay for the cast?

Production value was approximately between 35-45k. Arun Alexander (Doctor) being my friend opted to act for free in the movie and I convinced my other cast for a lower price as they were so satisified with the story.

That’s true Mayir also does satisfy its audience. And rightly it is been selected as one of the five films for theatrical screening as a part of moviebuff short film competition. Kudos to the Team and Logi



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