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How to Make Your No-Budget Film Abstract, Trippy & Award winning?

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With the excitement to take my first interview for Student Filmer and genuinely surprised after watching ‘It KILLS’, I started collecting all the thoughts that I had while watching the film and sequenced them to ask the maker of the film, Ajit Kumar. If you still haven’t watched IT kills, then you should do it now. Trippy, abstract, certainly outstanding, compared to the usual shorts that we come across. and PS. It kills is a no-budget film produced out of Student Filmer Production Program. 

With non-smokers in the cast, how did you convince them to smoke and how did you make it look so natural?

The lead cast is a non-smoker but initially convincing him was quiet a task, but being a passionate artist he got into the track very soon, we made him smoke one cigarette initially then further increased it to three at a row. Though uncomfortable with the new habit, he made sure he didn’t show it up in the face and acted as if he’s a real smoker.

What is the philosophy of the movie?

The movie was conceived with no philosophy or with the any intuition of sending a message, The message could vary from person to person, All I tried to do it make it completely subjective. Either you see this as a film that preaches about no smoking, or someone might come and say, hey did you mock about no-smoking?

Can You say this is what you completely imagined in the script?

Usually things on paper will never be fully reflected, especially when you are riding on a no-budget movie. But when you have quality people by you side, then you might as well do it. Actually the transitions between scenes were planned to be a little trippy, but the editor pulled off something amazing that made the short film more attractive and engaging.  

It Kills, as I understand is a no-budget movie. Yet you have created something beautiful 

If you ask me whether you can make a short film with just 500 bucks? Yes. Surely you can, without a doubt. As a no-budget film maker, I wanted to create a short film but since I can’t fund the short, I started talking to some of good cinematographers I know and I was good enough to convince one fine skilled personal who was keen on content than on money who became the director of photography of my movie.  If you are really passionate you could try approaching your friends circle or even borrow your friends camera for making a short film, all you need is a good content for the short.

How is the rat story connected with the short film plot?

The characters in the plot are metaphorically connected with the three rat story. Where the two rats are separated from the third rat in the story. In the same way the protagonist in the movie is separated from his friends and the rat poison referred in the story is related to the cigarette smoke in the film’s plot.

Why smoking? When there are many other factors that could be considered?

Yeah, it could have been anything. But this factor came across me when I was casually reading an article online, I came across a boy in Colombia who would smoke more than 40 cigarettes a day. I thought I should make a film based on the article, so I started researching that is there any films made on the theme, and no surprises there were already lot films on the genre. But anyway I decided that I should make a movie on the theme but with a different treatment. And that’s how “IT KILLS” happened.

We had a brainstorming storming session with editor, Rohith Subramaniam as well, 

Did you plan the edits to be in this fashion? And how much freedom did the director gave you while editing the film?

Actually we planned the edits to be trippy during the shoot itself, but the first cut we made was not so trippy as the current film. So the director asked me to redo the edit again offering me a time space of 10days and some reference videos, the time period was vast enough to create the magic in the movie. He gave me full freedom in making the cuts and edits as well as he incepted small ideas and corrections, which elevated the movie to a whole new level.

Can u talk about the color tone of the film?

Yeah sure. Throughout the film, a fine red color is maintained. Red color stands for love and danger, here in “IT KILLS” it stands for danger.

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