This Short Film by Fully Filmy isn’t a Masterpiece. Something is Terribly Wrong. We Analyse!

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I don’t know, when everybody is lauding about something, but then you saw something that is really really not right, what do you do about then? You try to ask your friends about it, but then they shout back that it is a fucking master piece, but you clearly see there is something fundamental that is really really not right.

Well I am talking about this recent piece of work by Fully Filmy (now fully) on CSK.

Women liberation through CSK. Like a Girl gets very emotional about CSK and talks to us how she gets liberated through CSK.

And you have a lot of people glorifying the connect, The connect between CSK and women liberation.

But is there a connect at all? Why are we connecting it in the first place?

I recently went to a college short film fest and I happened to watch a short film which starts with a romance and ends with a message on caste killing. And then there was an applause but towards the end, the director confessed that they couldn’t know how to end the love story so they decided to give a caste angle since at that time the issue was pretty much sensational in the digital space. But people bought his film and that’s why they cheered him up even after the confession. And even it was not honest from the director’s side, people have seen similar things  happened in the past, which made the audience easy to connect.

Coming back to this short film, what does CSK have to do with Women liberation? Even if a woman seems to be liberated through CSK, it doesnt seem to do any justice to any of the two cores or themes. That’s why connecting these two vast themes looks very odd and not settling, atleast to me.

One one side, you have a team, that is really hero material. Most of the games they would look like they would be gone, but then they would rise up the ashes. We have seen this umpteen times, and once again it has happened. When we thought CSK would never return to the IPL, they did it in style, with the original team intact.

On the other side, you have a much bigger theme. Women, freedom and liberation. when anyone talk about this, they usually quote it with a story that would have really happened, the problem, the impossible situation, and then how people would stand up and  challenge the status quo and how with a fight, they change the impossible.

Presuming this film is about female empowerment, the short film starts with ranting about the situation, the problems faced by the females, and then all of a sudden we have have a savior. The savior is CSK, here we expect the tonality to change to CSK mode. But female empowerment continues. The female goes on to thank CSK for changing her outlook of life.  She glorifies the team, the crowd, the drummer, even cheerleaders and how all of them have brought about a change in her, and how she will bring her own child to the stadium before she faces the real world. Nothing wrong in this thanksgiving except that I would ask her to learn cricket, so instead of watching the crowd, you would watch the cricketers play and probably you are married right now so I am sure you would let your kid play outside so you don’t have to take her to the stadium , she will go herself.

Nothing wrong in this portrayal except that it is all too fairy tale, more like a testimonial ad. Where we find women specifying the problems  and then how a product or service comes to help them. We never believe those ads, because we know it is an ad.

Nothing wrong in this portrayal except that is so emotional and passive, no aggression, completely un-csk. Not to forget the voice (it is too perfect that it is irritating) and the senti music, the original core of CSK was never shown.

Nothing wrong in this portrayal except that you should see to it that when you are connecting two themes, you have to serve the two themes to the full, which is near impossible.

Thats why there goes an old saying.

You can’t serve two masters!








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