Heard of Dramedy? This Web Series is a must watch

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What The Folks – Dramedy

A gender swap or a role reversal based plotline – an old school technique that seems to be most used technique of storytelling is quite boring and one paced. Films and many webseries(regional) have been noticed to use reversal Saas-Bahu approach to blatantly show the deeply rooted sexism and power hierarchy existence in the society.

But ….

What The Folks(WTF!) stands out in that particular scenario. A realistic drama combined with comedy here and there gives the birth of this new era Dramedy. A guy named Nikhil (played by Veer Rajwant Singh) married to Anita(played by Esha Chopra) is thrown into a pool of uncomfortable situation as he goes on to live with his in-laws and Anita’s younger sister,Akshata for a short period of time. As the drama unfolds, the director perfectly uses realism and a perfectly normal dysfunctional family to solve each situation which every audience – an 18yr old teen or a 51yr granny would relate to.

Use of Digital Media

The makers beautifully use the Digital Media medium to break stereotypes and glosses on the elements of a conventional family drama. A regular tussle between practical yet superstitious and religious parents and young adults(kids) trying to find solace in their not so private life as they try to look for their own space brings out the honesty of the current situation we all tend to live in.

A scene where anniversary celebration takes place, sexist jokes are cracked by the extended family members which Nikhil tries to avoid as a mark of  respect to her wife and in-laws puts the audience into a state of unease and ‘’Shit! that’s my family’’ position.

The WOW Factor !

Contrary to popular belief, that son-in-law is the Mr.Right and can commit no sin, this show turns the term son-in-law into more humane ,thus breaking the Indian Mentality with such ease.

Love marriages is the new Indian Millennial common thing but yet so uncommon for our parents. WTF subtly comments on how the parents inspite of agreeing to love marriage have issues adjusting to their daughter’s spouse.

Even though the whole story is said from Nikhil’s perspective, females’ voices are what stand out. She fights for the right as she defends her husband but at the same time she compromises for the happiness of her family. On the other hand, Akshata who is trying to find her own space and explore life beyond the orthodox family, she constantly tries to bring her parents closer as she asks them to ‘’Grow Up’’.

In overall,What the Folks makes you relate,feel and fall for this perfectly mad-real house. With realistic and sexist dinner table conversations to sweet-loving character of Nikhil(son-in-law) to exploring love through different relations, this Five series web series is an ideal plan for the coming weekend.


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