A Slow & Steady Content Evolution in the Digital Film Space: Are You Game?

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Apart from Youtube, How many content platforms do you use on a regular basis? How many content platforms have you come across in the first place? Okay there is Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar for the globalized audience. Heard about Zee5 Which just launched days back? Heard about YUV? Heard about Addatimes? How about Viu? Voot? Yupp? Hoichoi? There are endless platforms if you look across India? And Yet if you specifically look regionally, then things are just starting to heat up.

Okay, Did you happen to see this trailer on your newsfeed.

America Mappillai Trailer

A #Zee5Original produced by TrendLoud that's close to our hearts. All Episodes of #AmericaMappillaiOnZee5 are available for you to BINGE WATCH on ZEE5!All episodes out at : http://bit.ly/2o3W9oCRaja Ramamurthy Raja Krishnamoorthy #LeelaSamsom Arjun Chidambaram Gokul Anand Ragesh Ram Namita Krishnamurthy Sruthi Hariharan Ganesan Mahadevan Delhi Ganesh Gayathrie Praveen Padmanaban RH Vikram Sanjay Subashchandran Chidambaram Natesan Sriranjani Aishwarya Sukumaran

Posted by Madras Meter on Friday, February 16, 2018

If yes, then you are pretty much in sync with whats happening in the digital space. America Mappillai is a Tamil original series launched in Zee5, produced by Trendloud.

Now all this might elicit two reactions from your end. Either you are just reading without too much thinking, or you show a sharp reaction, you are beginning to wonder how this is all going to move in the future. And more importantly, you are thinking, how this is going to specifically play out for you.

Yes, the time is now. Digital film content is here to stay and grow and possibly explode.

A new film format is going to become a norm in the content space. YES I am talking about Web Series.

Web series is the new cool. It is not going to be a fad. In fact there is a good chance it can tremendously revolutionize our regional content. It does not have the big budget of a theatrical film, but still enjoys the advantage of monetization, unlike in short films. It does not have the censors looming over, and hence it can largely play and revolve around niche themes and storylines otherwise not explored.

Lets not end there. Independent Films, low budget sensible engaging Indies is going to get a new lease of life.

Though our audience are more into Youtube sketches, there is going to be a time from now, where they would love to engage with fictional content, with high quality digital content. And I am sure, as I speak, you as a filmmaker, has wonderful possibilities. You now have a wide spectrum that can open to endless opportunities.

But let me tell you, It all started with short films. Short film, the most innocent form of content is the predecessor of this slow but steady digital evolution.



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