Ever Had Your Eyes on Visual Comedy? Why not Try?

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Even though thrillers, Sci-Fi and horror genres have a vast audience, comedy grabs a radical space among the film buffs. So now reaching to one particular division in humor that is making someone laugh through just visuals. After reading the above statement, most of you would have surely visualized any one of the comedy scenes from Charlie Chaplin’s movies. Yes the classic example of visual comedy is what to Chaplin did in his movies. With minimal or no dialogues, the characters involved, the ambience and the visual comedy plot supporting it makes you laugh instantly.  If you ask me why there’s spot light on visual comedy on a higher note , the answer is simple, visuals create a deep impact on creating humor than just dialogues trying to make you laugh.  The line between visual comedy and action comedy is very thin and is exquisitely handled only by a few like Edgar for bringing out a different flavor to humor.

Visual comedy has made some drastic transformation in the last few decades. Not just with the visuals but the framing, additional audio and the minimal dialogues supporting it creates more comedy among the mass audience.

Pesum Padam:

If you have enjoyed this movie, you have tasted the essence of visual comedy completely. Entirely with no dialogues this movie will make your tummy pain in laughter . Pesum padam, a classic cut of Kamal portrays the difference between action comedy and visual comedy elegantly. The scene where kamal places the waste in a box, wraps it in a gift wrapper, places it in a bus stop and runs off and another commoner assumes it to be a gift box and moves towards it. In this scene there are no dialogues and much of music but the scene makes you laugh out loud because of the characters and the scene that demands it.

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum

This movie stands as an excellent epitome of humor just with visuals, as the director routes the second half completely with visual comedy as if he owns it. Portraying each and every scene with visuals, the director insfuses music frequently that supports it an exquisite manner. Just to claim the beauty of the visual treatment given to comedy, we can analyze any particular scene in the movie, take for instance where the political leader calls for a press conference and now just presses buttons to answer the questions. Here the minimal use of dialogues is used to claim visual comedy in an enthralling manner. A little adaption of pesum padam, vaayai moodi pesavum plays with minimal dialogues in visual comedy that worked out brilliantly.

Panja Thanthiram

Another Kamal movie in the league, no surprise as he’s into experimentation of all sorts in cinema. This movie has visual comedy, dialogue comedy and action comedy. Even though the prominent one is the dialogue comedy but the visual comedy takes the lead then and there often. The scene where the five decide to hide the body and take it to the ca and when the five act scared after watching the dead to be alive gives a laughter therapy session.  In this movie, visual comedy is not played alone but with a series of dialogue comedy and action comedy. That is now another adaption of visual comedy that has happened over the years.

Although many have experimented and played well in that particular genre, Charlie Chaplin has already etched his name as the pioneer of visual comedy. Visual comedy will surely take huge adaptions in the future but will never fail to entertain everyone.


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