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Not Selected For Knockout – Still You Can Play!

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Reception is some sort of a necessity for every creator. It gives one the idea of where he/she stands and places them in a room for evaluation. For short filmmakers, the only go in most cases would be through competitions. There are several competitions prevalent right now for this. But all of these are generally restricted to a group of audience present there as these are all offline competitions. Knockout by Student Filmer never restricts its audience as- it is an entirely online competition.

Knockout 2017 goes on for 12 days starting from the 21st of November until 2nd of December. 12 films have been shortlisted among which each film gets released successively in a random order. The day 1 starts with two films say A and B competing against each other (like a fight -versus type) among which one is declared the winner based on a combined reception of Judge, professionals and people’s score. For instance, If A is the winner on that day (24 hours), A proceeds further and B is knocked out. A meets C. and Lets say, C wins over A. C would meet D on the 3rd day. This continues for 11 days till we have a the last film that survives. The second and third will be decided based on the cumulative scores ( Judge + People+ Professionals)

What happens to Short Films that are not Selected

This isn’t really the end point for the films that haven’t been selected. Let me tell you why. As we all know that all social networks are constantly discouraging short films nowadays and give weightage to comedy sketches and stuff more (they work that way). So, it’s high time that we need a common converging point for short films where people could actually look up to it every now and then for quality content. This is how knockout is going to take it’s shape, In the form of a video platform for short filmmakers! This is the platform where films that haven’t been selected can play across! This will happen shortly.

Also, here onwards knockout (competition) is not going to take place just once in a year but will be happening in each phase of a year. We will be posting about it to you where in yet again you could compete! Until that, Do support by voting these 12 wonderful short films which need your support badly as it’s the people’s score that has the weightage than the expert’s score. And,watching these 12 films, one would certainly realize why these were given a nod to take part in knockout.

Catch knockout live tomorrow at 8 pm

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