Knockout Competition- Rules, Process & Rewards Explained

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Knockout 2017 – Nov 20-30

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What is the Purpose of a Short Film Competition?

Recognize? Reward? What else? Most of the Competitions that we come across test the Creator’s aesthetic ability. Most of the competitions are just too one-dimensional. Some 3 to 4 Judges  taking a call on 50+ short films..

Competitions has to be taken seriously but unfortunately we don’t have enough standard competitions in the region.


Student Filmer’s Knockout in simple terms is an online competition but unlike other online competitions that run the films in youtube and ask people for views, this stand different

As the name implies, There is no second chance.

The competition will run among 12 films in 11 days

Every day, only two films compete.

And the competition between two films will last for 24 hours.

The Winner meets the next film and the game continues.

This happens until the last two teams play out and the last team standing will be announced the winner.

Judging Criteria

The Films will be valued on three different judgements

  1. Judge 2. Short Film Professionals 3. People


  1. The Teams will have to submit the films by early as 28th October
  2. In not more than one week, the competition will start.
  3. The Films will run in SF’s Own Video Platform
  4. Every day, one winner will emerge and meet the next film in line.
  5. This happens until one of the teams becomes the last man standing, who will be announced the winner.


  1. There will be three Prize winners totally, selected based on the aggregate scores of the Judge, Professionals’ and People score.
  2. The Winners and two runners will get major discounts  from LensTiger Camera Rentals which they can use to make subsequent films.
  3. Also, All the Three films will be screened in one of the preview theatres.
  4. All the films selected will be invited to join the production house managed by Student Filmer

How are the Scores Calculated

The Films are never compared in any way. In fact Judge and Professionals’ will value the teams on a standalone basis. They will give the scores out of 10 for each film. But there is a competition when it comes to getting people’ scores.

People scores will be calculated based on two factors:

  1. No of Views
  2. No of Votes ( After the end of each film, we will ask them to vote 1 or 0. Negative votes will not taken)
  3. The people score will be reset every day for the winner, meaning that it will be separately calculated for every match.
  4. However, the highest score will be retained and carried to the next match.

The Knockout Significance

The Sf Knockout tests the Films on Three aspects

  1. Philosophy
  2. Technique
  3. Sensationalism

While the philosophy and Technique will be assessed by SF Team and Experts, Sensationalism is taken care of by the people score. Filmmaking is 50% Creativity and 50% People management. While the aesthetic aspects will be judged by SF Team and Experts, when it comes attracting people, the People score will decide.


What if one team beats eight other teams but simply loses out with the 9th team? Is that bit unfair?

If a Film has that ability to win  eight other films, it means it is truly outstanding. However the ninth film which waits for 8 days, and which enters into competition in the ninth/final day, is no way at an advantage or disadvantage. For eight days, this ninth film have observed the process and all they have to do is work and compete for one good day. Meanwhile, the team which won eight other teams is on a roll but anything can happen and that is Game!

What is the theme of the competition? Should the short films have a common theme?

Nope, no theme. Any Genre. Obscene content is obviously rejected.

What is the duration of each film?

5-15 minutes. However the films can be seconds higher, not minutes

Can we use already recorded footage in our films?

Yup, not a problem, but there has to be a good rationale behind using it.

Can we use music composed by other artists in our film?

Yup, but films based on original scores will be more preferred

After submission, can we upload our film on other platforms?

Once the film is submitted, it should not be public in any platform. After the competition is over, you can take your film back. It is your call.

Should the film have subtitles?

It is an added advantage but no compulsion

Are there any language restrictions for a film?

Tamil or English. If any other language is used, then we recommend you to have subtitles. Also the competition is restricted to teams from Chennai and Coimbatore

Is the judging process transparent?

Absolutely. All the scores that you get from SF, Experts and People, will be visible in our platform for you to see.

If you have any other doubts/concerns, mail

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