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There are Just Three Kinds of Directors: Which One Do You Belong to?

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Now that Knockout season 2 is all about to start, we hereby come to the end of this season of Production Program. The next season would start once the knockout ends, which would probably be the mid of next month. So last film of this season of Production program was a teen gangster film. Looks interesting, isn’t it? the script was enticing and so does our filmmaker. Young, smart and flexible.

Now I should tell you that we have seen distinct characters in the many people who have approached us for short films. But broadly speaking, there are just three categories. The first are plain control freaks. They like to control every department. They are aspiring auteurs. “It is my film. you are just going to work for me, that’s it”. The second comes the negotiator. The negotiator knew how to control, but he won’t come across as control freak. He is nice to people. He knew what to exert from whom. In simple words, he is a good manager. The third type is a visionary. The visionary always has the final picture, but still open to feedback and criticism. But in the larger scheme of things, he is the leader and the deciding authority. The people around work for him, believe in him and abide by him.

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As far as I know, anybody in the field of direction would have to choose between the three types. IF you are a control freak, there is no problem at all. You just have to get the right people to work for you. You will have an high ego so it goes without saying that the others shouldn’t have any to cooperate with you, which in most cases is likely to be tough.

The majority of directors belong to the second category, they increase the circle of contacts, because they know they need people to make it into a great product. They would not like to settle for people whom they think they are amateurs. They always want to work and associate with professionals. This category, if stay true to their actions can simple progress along with the tide.

I personally am a favorite of the third. Every filmmaker is motivated by a vision. His film even in the writing stages would still play in his mind. So if he/she is already a visionary, then the path is not going to be tough, Visionary is more often a leader material. He guides the team. He is not fighting with the team. He exactly knows what to expect and what to give for each in the team. The whole team is destined to win in this case.

Are There Only Three Broad Categories of Directors?

There is however a fourth, which I recently come across. These are kind, flexi ones. For a second, you would think that I am going to talk great about this type. The answer is NO. If you are a director, you can be kind and flexible, but it should not be to the extent that even other members can take your position in the team. Remember you have a vision. It is your vision. You alone knew the vision and you have to make sure this final picture gets communicated to others so that they join force to make things happen. You have to own your shoot. In a set, there can be just one Director. Not three to four directors.

But here’s the thing:

A kind and flexible type Director should just able to say no when the answer has got be no. He/she need not be unkind but if the situation demands, Then they have to be assertive enough to pull the strings to their favour. First film, it will happen, probably out of lowered confidence, but also keep in mind, your kindness is a gift, People would come to you with ease, But it is the assertion that will make you the caption of the ship and guide you to safe shores.

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