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The Astute Move that Will Give Your Debut Short Film – the Edge !

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Everybody has a good idea, oh no, brilliant ones. Have you ever heard the saying “The book is a film that takes place in the mind of a reader. That’s why we go to movies and say ‘Oh, the book is better’ “. The point is, to imagine a great movie is not enough, to make it is. If you are a film aspirant who knows scriptwriting & directing is completely two different crafts & you are well trained in director’s craft of camera angles, lenses, editing pattern, its still complicated to bring it to a reality of a great film, but its enough to make a good one.


Shooting spot mostly consists work of the actors & cinematographer. However well, the actors know in their heart the characters, it’ll still be far from what director has imagined. And however the director knows exactly what camera angles & lenses he needs for a particular shot, the real time difficulties are unavoidable. To overcome these two problems, its wise to rehearse actors a few days back before the shoot, the expressions, the tone , the slang, and more important to memorize the dialogues. Next is to visit the spot with the cinematographer atleast a day before and plan the position of actors at various time period of the script, lighting, the camera angles. By this way, we’ll know which is possible and which isn’t and can make the necessary alternatives.
These two moves will not make the film great, but it’ll definitely give the edge and the edge will make it good to great. All the above advice, I’ve not followed them, and that particularly is the purpose.


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