Creating Sub-Stories: A Better Way to Enrich Your Film

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Generally we develop stories with respect to the protagonist. He/she is the main character who drives the story forward and towards the climax of the story we conclude by giving an end to the problem / purpose of the protagonist.

Screenplay is written with most of the scenes involving the protagonist and it is supported with additional characters. The supporting characters play a vital part in story formation. We have been creating additional characters so as to resolve the main character’s conflict. This is seen for ages and we can break this rule which can go a long way in enhancing our stories.

Before illustrating this method, let’s see some of the examples from our very own movies.

In Deivamagal, a mentally retarded person is in need of getting his child since she was taken away from him by the villains. This is the plot and Anushka plays as an advocate in the movie. Her motive is to win the case and get back the child from the odd ones. If you keenly watch, there’s a sub story framed behind and it is the story of Anushka’s dad relationship with Anushka. The sub story has been very well framed and also a proper conclusion is given to it. It ends by anushka hugging her father realising that she missed her father these many days.

Another example I would like to take is from the recent movie Thuparivaalan by Mysskin. Kanian is a detective who has his own set of rules. He only knows to detect and he’s so passionate in that. One recent incident makes Kanian to bring Mallika to his house as a maid. Initially, he yells at Mallika for no reason and also commands her with high tone. Kanian’s objective is to solve the case but slowly she pulls Kanian closer to her. Kanian always keeps Mallika in his kitchen and doesn’t try to enter there. During the end, Mallika makes him to come and visit her world by death. Now he understands the world of Mallika inside the kitchen. A mini story is being framed and I came to know this from the creator in one of his interviews.

Now we have seen the above two examples and what could be inferred from here is that the enhancement in the core story can be made by forming sub stories.

It doesn’t mean that we need to create multiple primary stories for a movie. Adding of sub stories will be of greater advantage and also we must understand that creating these sub stories should also serve the purpose for the main plot.

Also Creating supporting characters just to solve the protagonist’s problem could be broken by applying this method.


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