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Naan8 Short Film – Locations and Production Details

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People in the short film circle knew very well about Naan8 and its critical acclaim. Eventually, the team was invited to make a web series under the Popular banner of Ondraga Entertainment. We did manage to get a sneak-peek into things that went into the making of Naan8. There was a nice shot of the sea which did take place in Andaman & Nicobar Islands and you could ask us, whether they went to this island for a short film’s sake, The answer is no. That scene was already shot during a previous vacation except the beach scene ( cover image) which was shot in Chennai. 

Where :

Shooting a scene using Helicam


Get permission from the local police station

Get a letter from the Police Commissioner

Can be rented for Rs.8k-10k

Where :  

Shooting an Office scene

How     :  

Rent Babu house(Shooting house) in Vadapalani.)VALASARAVALKKAM

Rent could cost around 8k-10k per day

Additional set up can be added to the office room like wall stickers, pen holders etc.

Where :

Shooting a vintage old room scene.

How     :

Adding a texture of vintage to the walls of the room is necessary. 

Shoot scenes in old vintage tall buildings near Old Mahabalipuram road or Pondicherry.

Walls can be re-textured using wall paints.

Putting old stuffs like analogue clocks or stickers of old reference to the fridges or walls of the room give it an antique touch.

Where :

Shooting a scene of secretive protagonist room

How      :

Rent a shed in Saligramam near Vadapalani.

Rent costs 8k per night.

Using of additional accessories like old colourful cars and adding of vibrant posters add to the mood of the scene.


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