An Independent Film & A Web Series – 2 in 1

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Aspiring Director Harish Gokul is my good friend and an employee of IT. He has made his film from his own pocket, an independent film that runs for almost an hour. To cope with the changing times, he did change his film into a web series and has a cut for the festivals too. His film will remind you of the vintage times. Simple, cozy,  with characters of middle age performing some quirky comedy stunts. There is a good chance that this might go over your head. You may or may not like it. Since there is some sort of a serial feel, which was done on purpose.  But above all independent films are all about efforts. And this interview with Harish will help us understand more about his brave effort to make a film from all his heart.

What made you to take this real life story as a film ? Could You Elaborate

This film was supposed to be my first film. I took a lot of time to come    across the travel and emotions which i saw in my real life. Generally i do not believe in too many technical stuffs spoiling the poetical things of art. My friend Suresh from Malaysia has inspired me more to write this story. Indeed a great gentleman who is no more but he lives in this film somewhere and in my heart forever. This film appeals to more elders as they might have come across these hindrances in their lives. Certain things also appeal the way that life should be lived and how we be a living example to others.May be we would have seen people or may see in future like lead characters of this film

Did you have any intention in deliberately making the screenplay very   simple ?  

Yes i have the intention of making screenplay simple. But the character sketch decides the flow of the screenplay to merge with the emotions and the scenes associated with it. I understand that i always opt for too many characters in a film but every character has its own reason to be justified in this film/ or any other films of mine

Why Filmmaking? What is your ultimate vision?

Filmmaking started with passion from being a die hard kamal hassan sir fan. He inspired me a lot to do things in a different approach. I wanted to be an Actor/Cinematographer to  very frank  but more responsibilities bound up in a particular situation made me to pounce into direction.Direction is not easy as many say but once we need to become a director you need to be more confident on what you are doing. Learning from mistakes to deliver something which might not have come across was my initial stage in filmmaking.

My ultimate vision is to be an independent filmmaker. I love experimenting different genres. Working on best ways to bring out the choice of others and best of mine to reach the next level

How did you manage the whole casting process ?

Casting was tough for this project. This project has to balance the performance of elders with travel of youngsters. More experienced actors were required to counterpart their skills, share the knowledge with next level of actors. We divided the casting team into three to avoid last minute confusions. All the lead actors were given rehearsal to showcase their plus and minuses

How did you secure the locations shot in the film? Could you elaborate? And Let’s talk about the challenges faced during production. How did you    overcome them as a team

Locations travel is  in vast in this film. Each and every day we need to go to a different location to shoot out different scenes with different artists. Preplanned location visits and no compromise in needed locations give a different look for this film. Securing the locations was a huge task. We had our production designer Mr Sukumar helping us with production controllers. Few of our guys were also trained in managing production apart from acting. Production challenges are common for independent filmmakers. I would suggest some kind of association/union should help the upcoming filmmakers providing locations for shoot at a nominal cost. Outsiders are still not aware of independent films and still have the same commercial mindset for location feasibility. Teamwork is the  backbone of Naangu. As i mentioned before we assigned various responsibilities to interested persons to give the best in terms of production and quality assurance. Editing is the most challenging in this project as it belongs to a very different genre of Narration pattern with non linear style of editing. Every character should mix with the script at any given point of team and cannot deviate the script. Music has to be a feel good flow and Sharran Surya has nailed it with being most experience of 150+ projects. Each and every department has to synch with festival thoughts to give a qualified product from our end to meet the expectations of all kind of audience was our ultimate goal

What areas you think you must improve as a filmmaker ?

We should focus more on art work and makeup team as well. We have huge challenging upcoming projects which needs intense kind of concentration on these two items very specifically. Lighting plays a subtle role and we need a detailed research  of the subject travel to be more precise from the audience point of view

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