Is Film School Mandatory? Looks like No, But there is bit of Yes!

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As a film aspirant, we’re always made to ask this question in our mind? Is film school mandatory? Does it help us to make good films? Could I create my own style of Filmmaking when I study formally?

There is a proper answer which I will come to it in a little while. But lets try to understand the scene here.

As a filmmaker aspirant we can safely pronounce that it is largely a creative job and something that is entirely based on our own abilities. But we also need to understand that there are many nuances and aspects that has be to learnt or acquired in Filmmaking. Things include screenplay structure, scene development, subject, plot twist, pacing of the movie etc. Don’t get me wrong here. These are not mandatory to learn. You can always bypass familiar structures but make sure to learn before breaking it.

Okay so to answer the first question, first we need to analyse who we’re and what we’re capable of?  Answering these questions is certainly not going to be easy and if you could answer it, it will give a clear idea on whether you are suited to study in film school or not?

For instance, let’s just assume one film aspirant who is more of an extrovert, dependent on people, one who always loves to learn and expects guidance from others. Also likes to hang around and socialize to increase his/her network. Now What is the best decision that this person could take? Obviously he/she could enroll in film school and do films. His extroversion would help get valuable contacts and a formal study would help him learn the aesthetics and Technique. On the other hand, assume another film aspirant who is literally independent,  a confident self learner, one who can explore himself and learn with the enough resources,  This person doesn’t have to go to film school to nurture his dreams.

Now The above said is just an interpretation and the most important thing we all must have is the love towards film making. As always there are no rules, only guidelines. This video below serves more than a guideline.


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