In Support of Vivegham: Not a Bad Film & Best of Ajith-Siva Combo

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The day in a year when a Ajith/Vijay film releases is a unofficial declared holiday in tamil nadu. Such is the extent of the impact created by these two stars in the recent times. Their movies aren’t just the reminder of the large numbers of box office collections that are being made now. There are several lives that will be benefitted through the success of their films which include people from light men, drivers through the entire crew. This is one of the foremost reasons why these stars mostly remain in their safe zone of making an out and out commercial entertainers mainly aimed at the masses. Their film’s entire trade market is going to determine a lot of prosperities for several lives dependent on the film. But that should not prevent from going soft on any big budget film. I am not going to blindly support this film, But I have a few points which i believe you can’t disagree to.

Vivegham is  Ajith’s only film after nearly a long gap of 2 years. From the teaser and trailers, everyone would’ve already guessed what Vivegam has in store for us. In Spite of even knowing what director Siva tends to provide us with his collaboration with Ajith, People have set different hopes on this film. Even people who knew Siva, had made sky rocket expectations. Probably it might be because of the film being set in the exotic locations. but it is still It’s not like the Team had promised us with something and delivered something. Moreover, Does Vivegam deserve this sort of trolling on the social network? I’m not saying this just for the sake of going against the reviewers that have been harsh on Vivegam.

Why is only Vivegam  being trolled? (Refer Blue Sattai review)

To be frank, I got to watch the film only on it’s second day due to which I entered the theatres with low expectations that had been created for me in the first day. This also means I entered the theatres with a genuinely mediocre line of thought.  If someone asks me if it was Vedhalam or Vivegam now, I’d definitely choose Vivegam! I’d say Vivegam was the perfect commercial entertainer that we could expect from the Ajith-Siva duo. Infact this is the best among the 3 films that they gave us! I literally have no idea why it is being trolled to such an extent now!

Vedhalam wasn’t trolled upto this level. Neither did Bhairava suffered such trolls! Maybe Puli did suffer media bullying, but Puli wasn’t entertaining though. Here, Vivegam is quite entertaining! I usually leave away my thinking brains back at home while going to watch such commercial entertainers. But, There weren’t a lot of logical errors that I expected to be there. Moreover, logical errors shouldn’t even be a problem for you to not get entertained in mass-masala flicks! If the jumping scene (introduction of thala) became a problem for all you trollers, where were all of you when Vin diesel took his car from one building to another in fast furios 7? Both of these scenes were some over-the top action sequences which was portrayed in a more believable manner in the latter!

There weren’t much of logical loopholes!

The technological justifications used in this film were nowhere to be logically false. I don’t remember the usage of morse code in any Tamil film before. Didn’t you guys like the characterisation of Akshara Haasan in this film? I remember that being used before in Puthiya Mugam (1993) though. The stunt sequences were quite believable and well choreographed. I particularly enjoyed the scene where there was a difference in the fight sequence before and after Natasha was injured. The latter was with more anger, which was signified in the fight largely. Talking about the villain in this film, Vivek Oberoi was not like what Neil Nitin Mukesh was in Kaththi. Vivek oberoi was portrayed as equally intelligent as Ajith in many scenes which is not the case with Vedhalam!

I experienced an Ajith fan who liked Vedhalam trashing Vivegam and I really couldn’t contemplate the reason for that. Except for the two scenes in the first half in Vedhalam, there was nothing else that could offer you some entertainment. I was in the fdfs of Vedhalam and it was one of those Fdfs’s where it was tiring for his ardent fans itself! In that case, Vivegam wasn’t that bland at any point. There were some low points in the films of course, but isn’t that something that we as an audience have been used to and appreciated all these years? It’s us that demanded such over dramatic and sentimental scenes.

After all, it is a Mass-Masala!

The dialogues were a problem to a very large extent where it looked fake everywhere and kind of had a surreal feel to it in Vivegam. But, if you could eliminate the climax sequence and some very common mistakes that are present in every masala entertainers from vivegam, It really is an enjoyable ride.  The makers have given us with what they had promised.What else do we want from a pakka masala entertainer? I’d recommend all of you to watch the film in spite of the reception because I really can’t understand why they are trashing it so much! In that case, Every such film must be trashed and trolled on the social network.

I’m not saying that Vivegam is the kind of film that all of us deserve, but it really is the one that the makers promised us and also the one that had been appreciated all these years! Yes, one could say that we had been silent all this while and it’s time where all of us are awake, but even then like I said, it isn’t such a bad film after all.

P.S : No I am not a fan of the Hero. 

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