What Type of Filmmaker Are You? Being Aware of This Will Keep Your Dreams Alive

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It is a known fact. Everyone has an artist within them. It is just that some artists make a living out of their artistry. Some know that they are good at a particular artistry, but they don’t make a living out of it. They are too scared to do that. Many would never find the artist within them.

Lets talk about the first category of artists. People who dream to become full time artists. In our case full time filmmakers.

Keeping the ‘making a living out of it’ thing aside, there is another aspect that would bother most of the full time filmmakers.

The problem of Mental blocks, or Creative blocks. The times when your ideas don’t get resonate well with your audience. 

It is when you would understand how tough your profession is. Because you have decided to become a full time filmmaker, but all of a sudden, it doesn’t work. It would definitely make you reconsider your decision of making your passion and profession one.

Either at that time you would quit. or you wait till you get the form back.

But how long will be the wait. And will the form get back just like that?

Nope, you should do something about it.

It is then that this ‘what type of filmmaker are you‘ question gets significance

Have anyone asked this question to you before?

Have you ever thought about it before?

If no, then we will discuss about it now.

In my view there are Three types of filmmakers. Now this classification is not about the style or the content. But that one thing which ignites your creativity whenever you are down.

A majority of modern day filmmakers get ignited by films. All they need is a laptop and some 100 GB hard disc. They will get their form back. These filmmakers’ style also varies from the other two. They see a lot of movies from everywhere, which means their final product will a culmination of what they viewed. There is a very important distinction here. They make a film out of all things they watched. But if you try to convert their work into some other medium, Like for example, if he/she is asked to convert his film, into a piece of literary work like a short story or novella, he probably wont be able to do it on his own. Or even if he does, it wont be as good as the original film, Reason being, His/her inspirations is directly from the films. He/she think in terms of films.

A good minority get influenced by people. Yes, if they don’t get to see new people, they fall back from their creative forte. New walks of life, new culture, all they need is people. they appreciate the subtle nuances in each of us, they can talk endlessly about the characters, they have come across and when they talk, they automatically start penning their film. A very important distinction here, these filmmakers get ignited by way of talking. When they don’t meet people, when they don’t talk about people, chances are that they will never realize their filmmaking dreams.

A small minority get influenced by books. Yes only books. When they read, they think. When they think, they ideate. A Case in point, they can think without the help of books, but they knew they are a different people when they read and think. Writing comes naturally even after small doses of reading. They are very good in paper, atleast.

As far as I know, these are the three cases. So obviously, when you think you are down, you should get back to your basics. Your creative system needs a bit of recharging. So if you are the first type, don’t get away from your room.

If you are the second type, embrace Wanderlust!

And if you are third, Get books for Christ sake. And don’t read books through phones. You will most probably end up in your Facebook Newsfeed.

Out of these three, Which type do you belong to. Wait, is there a fourth type, let us know in the comments.

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