“I listen to Original Soundtracks and then Write Scenes Accordingly””

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In the recent times, marketing of short films through social pages is considered to be one of the most important factors with regards to independent Filmmaking. There are n number of pages which does marketing for short films by uploading memes related to the film and even they have been paid to do this. So eventually if we do a movie, we have to give importance to marketing too since there are too many short films going around.

This is the common strategy being followed nowadays because upcoming creators think that marketing gives them the necessary Klout and address. But on the other hand, there are few filmmakers, who don’t resort to this strategy. There are few filmmakers, who strongly think  that their content is the address, and if it is good, it will bring people and recognition on its own. KG Balajee is one among these few filmmakers. In our view, Balajee holds a unique position in this unorganized Filmmaking circuit largely due his maverick style and treatment, not to forget the the choice of subjects in his films. Here is his latest film followed by a short interview with the Director

Balajee, Could you help us understand the basic purpose of this Movie?

From a filmmaking perspective, I had always wanted to mix up two genres. This film gave me a chance to mix a real life incident with a fantasy element.

All of Your films have a heavy dose of minimalism. Do you think that this style can go along, say in the feature movie?

The reason why I go for this strategy in my film is that it’s just 15 to 20 minutes and also it helps me to reduce my budget. But this style could not be done in feature atleast as of now, since audience are so used to colors. I don’t think I will go with this strategy if am asked to do a feature.

Did you have any Visual References for this Movie?

Frankly speaking I didn’t have any specific references as such and to be honest, this story was in my mind for so long. As against the common notion, the film was not completely inspired from the incident that shocked our city, though i sort of touched it, for purposes of relevance. I watch at least two movies every night. And I am big fan of korean films, so probably I might have knowingly or unknowingly got inpsired from there.

The BGM is so haunting and though it was taken from an album, it runs along with the movie so well. Not just in this film, but usually the foreign soundtracks gel so well in all your films. How does it happen?

I love music and I like to listen to original sound tracks rather than songs. Some of the scenes were constructed by listening to the soundtrack. I Listen and then write the scenes accordingly. For example, The starting scene of Ramkumar was developed only after choosing the music. So, probably if you feel, that the music stays with you even after watching the movie, it is because, it is the starting point.  

Considering the fact, that you Wrote, Directed, Shot and Cut the film, What critical challenges you faced during production?

I’m an IT engineer and I have no formal experience in Filmmaking. But I think what makes me to manage the challenges in production is from my short stints in short Filmmaking. I believe in self learning and I believe learning to manage is essential in movie making. Challenges do come. There were lot of minor hiccups during the shoot, But  with my cast and crew around, I guess, we pulled it off in the end.

Balajee, You have a different film language. You take a contemporary, but overlooked concept. You then treat it with Dark shades.  And finally You give a bit of spooky feel to it, largely through black and white, not to forget the haunting soundtrack escalating the film to a whole new level. When can we see you in feature?

As i told you earlier, I have self learnt things all this while. Till now, I am not aware of technical minor details involved in Camera and Cinematography. I am not aware of technical jargons that we often hear in Filmmaking domain. And You know I am not okay with people wanting to learn Filmmaking in all these institutes. The thing is I strongly think that, we might lose your individuality if we resort to such measures. Instead, self learning helps you discover the filmmaker in you. And instead of putting the money in all these institutes, you can use it to make films. Remember, your films is your address.

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