How to Bring Back the Good Old Love. How to Film Love?

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Mouna Ragam, Alai Payuthey, Ok kanmani and now Kaatru veliyidai were the movies which made our hearts melt and if you are single, it must have inspired to find a girl or if you are in relationship, it must have helped you to respect the relationship. and as filmmakers we are always fascinated in doing movies related to love but Maniratnam has set a benchmark which is indeed hard for anyone to reach, one particular reason being, as often as opposed to other love films, he films what he want  to say not what we want to see.

 The present scenario in Tamil movies is that we find very less stories that speaks about love. We think that love stories are something of the past and also feel that audience aren’t expecting much out of love films. But in reality, people want good love stories. They really expect them and even now they’re so much excited when they get one.

So, there’s no such thing as love stories being gone for ever. Let’s make that clear. But still, we can’t help but think, why as filmmakers, we feel that love stories aren’t helping much?

Why do we find hard to film love stories? Why do we get scared of this genre? You know we often couple with another genre, say comedy to stay safe.

What could be made in bringing back those epic love stories, that we witnessed once?

For all these questions, first we should have pursued love. If not, then there won’t be any honesty. Second, We need to clearly find a way for to capture this love.

This is where the difficulty steps in.

Suppose take for example… There is a couple who’s having their conversation in a beach under moonlight.

Sounds romantic right?

Yes but it all comes down when we connect this to visual story telling.

We would have made shot divisions for the particular scene and there comes the interesting part to capture love.

We must always concentrate on the looks.

What makes the look beautiful and would the hook the eye of the viewer?

It’s the eyes of the couple. We have heard that eyes speak and that is true in capturing love films.

It must emote us. And this is where our legend stands tall.

Dialogue delivery is really important but we also need to concentrate on the looks of the subject.

Be it reactions, body language everything must help our story to get connected to the audience.

And one thing which needs to be made clear now. We think that beauty is shown only through appearance.Be it girl or a boy we show , we ourself find out the ones who are fair in colour and think that they have good screen presence. But that doesn’t alone help things. Fair skin is not necessary for love films

Beauty is something we need to find out by analysing their looks. Everybody has certain features, that the Director and DOP should highlight and that’s the best part. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It is how you show them is what matters. Sai Pallavi was just another contestant in Yaar Adutha Prabhu Deva. But as Malar Teacher, she is irreplaceable. This has to be said. Dont expect perfect things to happen in your short film. And don’t wait for it. I remember that still a filmmaker in our prouction program who is waiting for one female actress for his short film. Waiting is good but three months is damn too much.

I will leave it to you there.

And watch this video. It certainly would help you bring back good old love films!

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