How to Differentiate Short films in Times of Internet Videos and Web Series

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The internet landscape with respect to our community has changed dramatically in the past months. A major credit goes to Jio, with the masses slowly switching to Facebook and Youtube from Television. This has created huge opportunities for the content creators. If you have a look at the internetscape, in the past few months, you would notice that there has been a tremendous following for internet videos. Even facebook haven begun to lock horns with Youtube with its own video platform and at the end of the day, this is going to hugely benefit the creators community. Again, Not to forget the recent uproar for Web series.

But having said all these, Let me ask you a simple question.

How this is all going to influence the Short films and its Makers?

Will Short films get a hit because of Internet videos and Web series?

But before answering these questions, Let us realize one basic thing.

If there has been a huge change in content consumption from Analog (TV) to Digital, one major reason would be the short films.

The short films have created enormous change in the film community, with many directors coming through short film route. It has shaped and shaping even the audience taste and preferences

Having said and done, I strongly feel that the Short films need a makeover.

I strongly think that audience expectations have increased. They no longer are devoid of content. So if you want them to watch your short film, The least they expect is unique content and solid treatment. Because web-series will give a unique experience, completely different from feature cinema. Internet video is already proving to be different experience for people who scroll facebook and for people who want crisp laughs.

So What can the short film give to its audience?

At first you should understand that short films are made not for audience but for filmmakers themselves. It is a learning medium for Aspiring filmmakers. Filmmakers who wants to get into full length cinema. Filmmakers who are serious about Films. So the people who watch short films are generally filmmakers themselves. In my view, these are the core audience. Short films should get you contacts and Teams. Short films get you portfolio and address ( recognition).

But Apart from its core, Short films also truly have the ability to go viral and reach the masses


When your content is extremely unique,

When your content is something that is not said in the public, something that is overlooked always.

When you technique is truly experimental.

And Experimental not just in terms of Technique, it can be anything. Starting with locations ( locations not seen before), it can be people ( people from community not shown before), it can be characters (again not shown in the mainstream). The future of short films lies in its ability to talk about things otherwise not talked about.

But in my view, the advanced version of short films is going to be Webseries. All these are going to help the Aspiring Filmmaker, for sure.

An aspiring filmmaker can make say three short films, and then try his hand at a web series, before getting into feature length cinema. Completely possible.

All these are not substituting, they are going to complement one and another. A truly inspiring web series will motive a Teen to take a short film.

But yeah one thing is for sure. Short Films are a good starting point. By the way, I will have to give you an example of one such short film that can pull not only its core audience but anyone hungry for quality experimental content.



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