Malayalam Cinema is Way Ahead of Us; We are Terribly Lagging!

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This happened very recently,

We were into a short film discussion and the aspiring director, a student, narrated a very novel story, novel in the sense, that it had a unique premise, but then towards the end of the story, as the story was about to end, he said, it was just his illusion ( dream, coma, whatever that is).

This got me disappointed and very rightly he explained that he was also disappointed. The point here is, he knew that this would disappoint the viewers, but what to do, couldn’t able to change to the best.

I can’t tell you his story, but this is the problem. Most of the time, we are worried of trying to convince the audience. We are more concerned of trying to explain things to the audience, in this process, we try to compromise a bit to accommodate the taste and sensibilities of the targeted audience

But what if I say, that we should not do this. We are more scared of societal acceptance and recognition. Lets fuck it for a while.

You don’t have to explain what is going on.. Just create the damn thing. There is something called abstract art, which defies logic, realism, and you know what fuck abstraction..

What I am trying to say here is don’t play by the rules, it is not that we should not learn the rules. But open your mind, bring out your honest thoughts. We never see raw films here, even in short film scenario, raw films are a rarity.

It is like we are all stuck in something. We are not coming out of it. Art is where you express yourself breaking all inhibition, but guess what, we could see our own inhibitions in almost every film of ours.

In comparison, truth be told, Malayalam films are way ahead of us. You could see the writer’s honest unfiltered thoughts in the film.

Here, writer is the director. and that is an altogether difference issue. I understand that the Malayalam industry is small and different, but guess what, we could fantastically explore in short films. We are not doing it.

We are more concerned of the views, of people understanding and accepting, but lets chuck it for a while. Lets pledge to create and infuse our bold and honest thoughts into films. Why is that a problem. The mentality is the problem!

Two years back I was arguing with my friend. I said “Theri is not a good film. It should not be appreciated, though it is a winner at the box office”. My friend said ” Joe, you should see this in the family entertainment genre. People like these films”

I went silent.

But now i am talking again. Theri is a bad example. It tells the aspiring filmmakers, that only these films can becomes blockbusters, that story can be anything and scenes are more important than the story. That if you want to become commercially successful, you have to follow a grammar. But guess, what it is not happening. 90% of so called commercial films are flops. They didnt take the money back. why are we even still talking about this distinction ( Art vs commerce). Every damn film should be artistic. Every damn artistic film should make its way into commerce.

If you are still whining that Audience have never matured, remember these words from Henry ford
“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
We are lagging even in this industry.

Laggards we are, cheers!


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