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Love Through Lust: A Quick Analysis of 7G Rainbow Colony

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Have you seen a love story where lust plays a major role? Here is my observation in one of the epic love films ‘7/g Rainbow colony’ by Selvaraghavan.

We have seen in movies where love blooms depending upon beauty, situation and several other reasons. But have you ever imagined a love story which had been blossomed through lust?

In this movie, the protagonist plays a normal bachelor role where he’s been useless in his family without helping them. Like every teenager even he’s interested towards lust and he does many mischievous things which gives us a not so good impression on him.

He uses this lustful eyes to get into love when he sees a woman of his own age. The way the protagonist sees the woman makes her fall in love and it’s not a clichéd one like other films.

Initially, he plays mind games with her to make her see him and once she does it, he gets into attention seeking mode. This attention makes way for love and it happens through a series of sequences. We can see love mainly arouse due to sympathy but if you analyze it very carefully you could see a layer of lust being followed from the start till the end.

Let’s just get a better understanding through images from the film. 


This is how we could bring up different love stories and yet again the creator has managed to justify that Love can also occur through lust (see his other films). For ages we have been taught that lust is evil and we still are averse to its portrayal in films. The creator has successfuly managed to break the perception in the film.


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