What Do You Really Do When You are Stuck Towards the End of Script!

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Okay I am going to ask you a simple question which has many answers depending on person to person:

What do you do when you are stuck with your story (or script) right towards the end?

You seem to have got everything right. The Perfect Premise, the unique characters, the inciting incident, the turning point but then towards the conclusion, something is not making sense. Something is really not making sense.

And this is not some other Assignment, mind you. Somewhere in your mind, it tells that if it is not given a proper ideal end, then it might be a trash as usual.

The very thought of this whole idea going to trash has now begun to haunt you. You are restless. Now your mind is working. You are thinking of all possible solutions to give a fitting climax. No No.. This is not working.

You are now thinking of asking your best buddy. He begins to think and that is a new problem.

Stop it.. Let me think, Let me think, You say but you don’t do.

You are tired now. You are wary. It is done, you say. I am not thinking. Let me pass over this, You say. But it is at this point of time, You realize you are obsessed with the idea.

Something that incited, interested you, is now gone to new level: Obsession!

(To be Continued…)


I wrote this keeping in mind one team from Coimbatore, who got stuck midway and thought about shelving it for a while. But the strange premise of the film kept us pulling the team again and again into the story. Keep in the mind, this is a mystery movie. There are only a bunch of characters involved, but you have to keep the audience guessing the culprit till the end. This is a big challenge but again the unique plot kept us glued to the story. The individual scenes were not given importance, the story telling was not given importance, all we thought about is telling a good story. This persistence on telling a story paid us off. We got what we wanted one final day. And the good story helped us in the storytelling part, quite naturally. The shoot is over, the post production is over. The film will release in the coming month.

Keep in mind the story is more important. Only when the food is ordinary, you will think of using ketch-up


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