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“Do More Short Films, Spoof Videos Don’t Teach You Enough”

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Being a film aspirant, we used to see many short films and take inputs from that. Recently when I was watching keka beka keka beka short film , I felt surprised and inspiring in seeing the protagonist acting. His name is Kishore Rajkumar who is well reputed in the short film market. Been more than 5 years in this field he works hard by putting out his full potential. I got an opportunity to interact with him and believed that his experience about his journey might give an inspiration to the upcoming actors.

About Kishore Rajkumar


Building up a web


The Crucial Decision


Do you think acting in youtube channels , spoof videos is an alternative way to enter into a big screen?

Challenges faced

And Finally Kishore Rajkumar signs off giving an advice to fellow aspirants,

“The more you act in short films the more you get practiced and also learn the nuances in acting.Don’t just ignore the call if you didn’t like the story or any other issues , instead you help the fellow maker. Remember even you need to play a part in giving inputs to the director regarding film making”

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