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How to Make Your Film Give ‘Roller-Coaster’ Experience: Important Lesson in Drishyam

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Imagine you’re going through a roller coaster ride and what you experience is a series of excitement. When I was watching Drishyam for my visual learning I found out that a film must be made with lots of variations in emotions conveyed to the audience. It’s like a graph where you can see both ups and downs experienced by the protagonist or the main subject.  Yes we can see this graph in all the films but the ratio changes. Now let us see the Variations seen in drishyam.

First we can see George( protagonist ) in the police station which indicates something bad, followed by a flashback sequence where George and his family is seen leading a happy life. Suddenly there comes an unwanted problem which leads to a misery. Next we surprisingly witness the strategies played by the protagonist in solving the issue. His plan gave him positivity but later it failed and the family got trapped. Now here comes the brilliance in writing, the protagonist had an alternate way to tackle the problem. Finally the major reveal happens towards the end, which makes us go gaga over George kutty

  1. George alone in a police station – signals bad past
  2. George and his happy family
  3. The murder
  4. George plans to save the family
  5. Police inspector brilliance – She strongly suspects some misdoing
  6. George and his family escapes from all questioning
  7. The  little girl’s confession
  8. The Body not found and subsequent politics by George and family
  9. George making peace with Inspector and family
  10. Director revealing the place where the body is buried

Being film aspirants, we need to focus on this variation part. Take a simple analysis once you finish writing your script. Look for ups and downs in your movie. This would surely give us a better understanding in developing a script.

Now let us see the same analysis in bahubali 2’s First half

  1. Sivagami lone tryst with Elephant 
  2. Baahubali’s elephant conquest
  3. Baahubali’s romance with Devasena
  4. Pindaari’s war against kundalakesam
  5. Baahubali’s attack against Pindaari’s
  6. Sivagami’s upset over baahubali: Paluval thevan’s master strategy
  7. People roaring for Baahubali

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