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A 2 Film in One – Baasha’s ‘Unique’ Story-Structure Analysis

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Imagine this, You are watching TV and suddenly, You happened to see Baasha. What would be your response. You would atleast watch till the interval block, where you get the goosebumps of seeing the reluctant-once-a- gangster-now-common revealing his true self against Villain Anandraj and once the epic revelation is over, you might switch over to other channels. I would have watched Baasha many a times, but 90% percent of the time, I would not go beyond the first half. It is not that the second half is bad or something. It is just that what I waited for a long long time, for the common Manickam to come up and reveal the bad-ass Bassha, it is something that the second half cannot recreate.

Interestingly Kishore had come up with an interesting theory. the film is actually two in one. There are two films infact following a two 8-part plot structure. See the video till the end. Kishore also has a theory on the background sound of the fast approaching train. If you are a fan of Baasha, you should know what i am talking about.

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