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Baahubali had Age-old Story. But What Made it Outstanding? (Visual Effects Apart)

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Have you guys managed to get the chance to watch Bahubali 2-the conclusion ? Of course you got it, it’s been a week, am just late with the article. Let’s not tell that out loud, though. Well let’s blame my friend with whom I usually discuss my articles, he never let me make my point and kept telling how amazing the movie was. No, I didn’t trash the movie, yet some how when every time I tell people how brilliant S.S.Rajamouli was, to make an age old bed time story a record blockbuster, people go all defending, what are these guys defending for ? I did tell he was brilliant, oh but I also told age old bed time story, and that’s bad ? Of course not.
Every film is ultimately a story, how is the story told is what that differs. More than telling a unusual story in a usual way, I think telling the usual story in a gripping way is brilliant and challenging. Now just because the story was called ‘usual’ , doesn’t mean it’s bad. And there is no better example than Bahubali to prove this point. Bahubali is an age old story of good winning over the bad, of son avenging his father’s death. We have been seeing this ever since cinema became a thing. From Apoorva sagodharargal to Moondru moogam, there is no actor who hasn’t done a movie in this subject. But what made Bahubali the epic it is ? What made people fall in love with the movie that they went beyond themselves to prove the movie is brilliant, gave amazing reviews and plenty of stars ? There are many reasons, we are happy our Indian movie is making us proud overseas, we are awed by the visual effects and the stellar works done in the film, we are amazed by the performances of the actors, we are thrilled by the BGM and sound effects, I can list them all, but one major reason we love the film and one major reason why this bed time story made it big is because it was told right. The storytelling was brilliant. I guess Rajamouli loves telling bedtime stories interestingly. Remember how his Eega film begins ? His kids must be lucky and so are we. For he did all these in the simple bedtime story and made it our favorite one,

The Portrayal of Betrayal

As I said already, Bahubali is nothing but a hot hero avenging his hot father’s death with a hot villain, but Bahubali became popular for its amazing portrayal of betrayal. You may ask what’s so new about it ? I would love to explain.
So any revenge seeking story has these parts, the main story line, a flash back, a betrayal, main story line turning into revenge seeking. Now any movie ever made focuses mainly on the plot story building, it tells the audience about the different traits of the lead to justify itself in the last part of avenging. The main reason for revenge – the flash back and the betrayal hardly stands in our heart, it’s a simple half hour story drift, to make us ready for the finale. This is where S.S.Rajamouli made a difference. He cared enough to explain the reason, further he humanized the reason and gave it a main story status, the second part is not just Shivu knowing his father, it is audience realizing the pain of betrayal. This I say is brilliant, to make a second film to explain the betrayal done and to make millions question the betrayal. WKKB has been the hottest question from the day the first film got released, isn’t ?
Coming to think of it, I realize how much this explanation is required, I mean when you are going to end the life of someone, you need an extraordinary reason to justify it. We connected so much with the characters and empathized for them because this betrayal was given a life. We empathized for the traitors as well because we were emotionally connected to them just like Bahubali was

The Story that built the Characters

There are two types in storytelling, letting your character tell the story and asking your audience to listen to it or telling a story where we introduce our audience to the characters and begin their journey with them. Bahubali did the latter and did it through beautiful characters. The main characters repriced in both films were more than excellent. Though all of it touched our hearts, one character we just couldn’t give up on even though we knew in the first scene she is going to be dead is Rajamaatha Sivagami. She was this powerful women and everything, agreed. But that’s not all about her. Though she was the daughter-in-law and not the princess of Mahismathi, she was truthful and loyal and did anything but justice from her part. Now look how beautifully Rajamouli helps all women out there to connect with her. Though she is all this, she has pride and above all she is a typical mother. A mother who can’t see her beloved son choosing some girl over her. Look at the scenes which made Sivagami grow angry at Bahubali, all had something to do with Devasena, her questions and protests which Bahubali supported. Don’t again think I am bringing down a great character like Sivagami, turn the pages of history yourself and you will realize how true a statement this is.
And once again S.S.Rajamouli proves brilliant by bringing in reality into the characters we got glued with. Be it Kattapa or Sivagami or Pallval Thevan or Pingalthevan, no character was created to support the story of the main character. They were not there to help streamline the story like in most movies these days. Each one of them had a story and all these stories brought the story of Baahubaali together. Isn’t that how life is? Everyone around us has a story and we are inter wined with everyone, when so much reality and humanizing of emotions is present in the storytelling, any bed time story can earn 1000crores and more. Yes it was an age old story, but thanks for telling it better Rajamouli.

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