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How to Approach Shooting When You Don’t have a Bounded Script

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In the milieu that we are a part of, Short films have become quite a hobby for many of us in our lives.There are a number ways through which each of us visualise the art of filmmaking based on our own mileage. Some go on to the location only with bound scripts in their hands where there is very little room for improvisations on the set while some of us go on to the location keeping in mind the basic idea of the scene that we perceived earlier and script in almost everything  on the location.

Well, I really am not capable enough to point out which is the best way of approaching our story but I can guarantee you that it isn’t completely wrong at all to go on for shoots without bound scripts in hands as many of us believe it to be.

So how does one make sure that his story is delivered in spite of going for the shoot with not a fully bounded script?

  1. Having at least a complete outline base idea of what you are going to shoot is prefered when one does not have a fully bound script. This means you haven’t decided on the exact dialogues, the apt expressions, the angles, the props and the lighting for your scene. But on the whole, you do have an idea of what is going to happen in the scene.
  2. Being aware of the high-points of your scene where the artist is expected to feel certain well-sketched emotions is  very significant.
  3. Making sure of high points and playing with the camera from many angles with different light settings, improvisations on the spot (which comprises of dialogues and expressions as well), All of these which result in a very large amount of footage that is going to be very beneficial for the editor.
  4. Editor’s significance is valued very much in films with not a fully bound scripts as sometimes, most of the story is created only from the footages given to the editor. Hence, having many types of a single scene will help identify the best one on the edit table.

The points that I’ve listed out are from the experiences gained by student filmer during the making of our first internet sketch where we quite didn’t have a bound script in our hands. But on the whole, we did have a visual idea of what is going to be on the screen.

“Shit Indian writers go through” was totally shot by following the exact same steps mentioned above and have achieved an output of this kind with no bound script at all.  

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