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Embrace Technology In Your Plots: Show Digital Life

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It was yet again a friday with a couple of films releasing and I grabbed the seat with the popcorn in my hand and my friend on the side to watch Dhanush’s debut directorial! Many people have already shared their insights and have almost covered every single slice of the film as of today! I’d just like to add a little more to it.

So the first half of the film was over and my friend already started telling, ‘From now,the entire film is about rajkiran searching his first love and how he finally meets her and that’s it, it’s way too predictable’. I pretty much had the same kind of thought going through in my head at that time. It was not even 10 minutes after the interval and rajkiran had already found where his first love was through facebook! Now, my friend is already unstable over this fact that something of that kind happened quite easily and suddenly in the film that questioned his prediction also.

He had an altogether different purpose.

My friend was asking me how could this happen so easily, he  can’t really stop thinking about it. That’s when I realised that dhanush did not quite want to portray the search for the first love by his character. He wanted to embrace the fact that, how are the events going to unfollow when they meet at last after such a long period of time.Hence, he didn’t emphasize much on the character’s search for his love.

Embrace Technology in Plots

Also, this is a great example of how a film-maker has taken the significance of technology into account in telling a story. He in a way has satisfied us in terms of being factually correct as most of us are able to relate it with us. Even my own mother searches her old school mates on facebook! Now, that kind of viability is what technology provides us. Now, when a story is set in the present time, it’s essential that one values the technology to the fullest in the story.

Embracing Technology Bring Novelty in Content

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But I feel there aren’t much films that consider technology as a significant part of a story. They are trying to incorporate technology into their stories. I feel, by connecting the dots of the kind of technology that we are used to, it itself gives us an idea of a new story. What I’m saying is that if there’s a scene in a film (That’s happening in the present time), for instance say, a kidnap.  In times of emergency, Many of us are aware of this fact that a 3 time click or some or the other type of instructed steps followed on our smartphones would alert our closed ones (with our location) or even alert the police sending them information about our location. Now, people could really consider this while writing a kidnap scene. But people have already written certain kind of events that are going to follow after the kidnap and hence completely remove the possibility of the presence of technology of that kind by simply putting the character with no phone only!

Brings in Authenticity!

Take Acham Enbathu Madamaiyada (2016), STR’s name in the film isn’t revealed until the last scene which actually created an anticipation for the audience till the last. But in the scene where manjima asks STR his name, he doesn’t tell it to her but manjima simply just takes his number. I just wonder in 2016, it’s really rare for someone not to have a facebook account and moreover, the name of a person is shown in the whatsapp too (she takes his number). Now, you could tell me what if she wasn’t his facebook friend. But do you really think someone staying at your place for over a month who is your sister’s friend with whom you talk quite a lot too, isn’t your facebook friend? Also, if that person isn’t on facebook or any social network, just mentioning a thing about it in the film isn’t quite a big deal, is it?

But It Would have to be Organic.

Now by bringing technology to weave a plot doesn’t mean one would depend on it just to conclude one’s story because one does not have a way out. It cannot look forceful and exist for the sake of it! I felt this in one of the scenes from yennai arindhaal, when satya’s daughter is kidnapped by victor, Satya searches for her in the school and cries out loud in a scene. Then, they get inside the car and it is revealed that satya had placed a gps tracker in his daughter’s phone! Now this almost looked quite forceful because the writer couldn’t find a better solution for the situation.In a way,

Embracing the technology by  incorporating the current technologically advanced gadgets to weave a plot isn’t only the thing. There is an altogether  different kind of existence on the digital world which needs our attention. Once we become attentive towards it, it’s going  to pave way for much enthralling experiences.

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