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How Reviewers have Time and Again Destroyed Good Films

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A review is the most powerful word surrounding a film as it determines the number of people watching it, Unfortunately. Usually, A review must be written in such a way that, it describes the film not in one perspective, but in various prospects. A review, at least in most cases is written with a larger depth of vision, picking up an objective stance. An objective stance is the one that involves being unbiased and impartial

But many reviews haven’t been quite fruitful for films and this leads us to the conclusion that, watching the film ourselves and assessing it is the best way that could lead us to a conclusion. I’m telling this because, somewhere or the other, these unfavourable reviews for a good film have an effect on the box office collection.

Take a look at the following ones and let yourself know this fact!

Aayirathil oruvan (2010) was rated 0.5/5 by behindwoods and was given this exact verdict as I quote ‘wildly crass: attempt only if you are a zombie fan!’


No smoking (2007) by Anurag kashyap was called as an arrogant piece of work that reeks of overconfidence by rajeev masand and he gave it ⅕.


Katradhu thamizh (2007) again was questioned if it was different by the Hindu and was given the verdict,’ when you try to be different for the sake of being so,it only seems pseudo. Katradhu tamizh is just that.’

Nadunisi naaygal (2011) was rated only a 2.5/5 by rediff on the account that it seemed like any other hollywood thriller and people familiar with hollywood thrillers wouldn’t be much appealed by this.


Our very own kamal hassan’s cult classic Anbe sivam was reviewed by rediff again and was told as ‘over all, the film tries to do many things and ends up failing at most, if not all,of them.’


Even his aalavandhan suffered negative reviews by hindu and hindu told that, ‘Too much publicity can sometimes affect a film adversely, because of the great expectations triggered. In the case of ‘Aalavandhan,’ the hype and hoopla built up for months seems justified — to a certain extent”

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Bajirao mastani (2015) was criticized by indian express that rated it 1.5/5 and called it ‘nothing but a costume drama.’


Now, many of you could argue on the fact that how can a single review that was bad could affect a film that was favoured by many critics. Of course, it would largely affect the number of viewers watching it as each review site has it’s own loyal followers whom it matters. So it’s really important for these review sites to be responsible while delivering a review for a film by taking an objective stance as it can in many cases determine the fate of a film.

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