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Kattru Veliyidai Is Not a Trash. What’s the Underlying Theme Of the Film?

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Is is so easy to trash something such as Kattru Veliyidai. Just like they trashed that pivotal scene from the same movie, the scene where VC converses and then later fights with Leela’s parents, yeah you wouldn’t know that if you haven’t been on the first day. That scene along with the death of Colonel (Delhi Ganesh) was removed from the second day.

It is painless to announce that the film was not good. It is actually quite simple.

Because when would you say anything as bad?

When you didn’t really like it.

And When would you not really like something?

When it didn’t give What You expected?

And What exactly you expected?

From the trailer, you believed this will be along the lines of love and war.

You also wanted a perfect romance, a feel good love story with war as the back drop.

But what exactly you were given ?

A romance you couldn’t really connect. There was no story, the love was not exactly feel-good and the war was in only for a few minutes at the start.

You also saw a lot of irrelevant things. You saw a girl about to be married, the wife of VC’s brother, but gosh wait, the girl is pregnant already. And no body gives a big damn about it in the film.  In fact they all dance to ‘Saraatu Vandiyile’ and quickly to the next scene, You see VC’s family behaving strange in the hospital. The men of the family tells the women to shut up, which was totally uncalled for.

Throughout the film, You could see this imperfection. This imperfection was never expected. It was not at all rational many a times.

In the scene where Leela wears VC’s cap and VC responds by pushing her, You ask Yourself, why the heck he behaves like that.

And this poor girl keeps on returning to him.

Now don’t think this girl is perfect. She is arrogant in her own way. She falls in love with VC even before she saw him. She believes in fate, she thinks she is destined to be with him, but she also tells VC, that the relationship will not work, “We are opposites, I am going from here, bye.”

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VC doesn’t give up, “Look sweetheart give me one chance, You know I love you more than you love me. Give me just one chance, I will come back soon”

And VC’s gone. No letters from his girl. But she bears his baby.

Throughout the movie, you could sense this irrationality, you could feel this imperfection in your head.

The best part is that this imperfection pulled us out of the story. Films are fantasies for us. They give a perfect world. We expect closure.

This exactly didn’t happen in Kattru Veliyidai. It looked like the plot was half baked. Was it half baked or subtlety didn’t really play out well in our minds?

Again the movie had quite a bit of abstraction, which sort of pulled many of us out of the film. Again you might call it incomplete. I call it abstract.

Now for the question. Whether this film delivered what it intended in the first place. Ask yourself. What was the purpose of the film? What inspired the creator to make this film?

Remember the scene where VC advises one of his colleagues to not think too much into war and its effects, and you would have Leela waiting behind for VC to attend to her. That’s the epic scene for me. Why?

It somehow conveyed the underlying theme.

Men are irrational,

Women are irrational,

War is irrational,

Love is irrational,

This write-up is irrational,

You judgment that “KV is a trash” is irrational.

This world is fucking irrational!

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