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X Short Film: A Matured & Authentic Psychological Thriller

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Short filmmakers in the recent times have the privilege of trying their hands in a varied number of genres that could enhance their own skills as a filmmaker. Though time and again we get to see many experimentation in the short film circuit, not many are authentic. Not many has a matured perspective.

‘X’ by Manoj kumar definitely stands out as a psychological thriller in recent times.

The film is yet to be relased in public. But Student Filmer have had a private screening of the film.

Psychological thrillers are often taken as a theme because if properly delivered it can be highly entertaining. But X is different in a way. The film gives you two set of experiences in a span of 20 minutes. First you would get the feel of a spooky movie and then later when you get understand what’s happening, the mood changes.

This film basically deals with a person having an emotional imbalance that occurs due to various reasons leading to his unstable relationship with his wife and how it affects him mentally that leads him to an unfortunate incident in his life. It highlights on a concept called ‘situational depression’.

When I asked the director on why he chose such a concept to weave out his story, He said ‘he wanted to portray the very common problems in a man’s life that is entirely hectic and stressful that leads to emotional imbalances in his married life’. Though, this might sound like a film that’s going to be quite emotional and moving, No it isn’t. This is a thriller that’s filled some chills and scares too!

Two years in making!

I was astonished by the fact that this film took an almost 2 years to be fully completed! Now, that’s not a number that one expects for a short film. However, we got to appreciate the team’s effort for not shelving away the project in a year or so when it didn’t resurface, which most of the short filmmakers usually do. In Fact, the shooting period of this film was just 4 days! The whole pre and post production combined took almost 2 years.

The director said, the main reason for this film to be delayed to this extent was its budget constraint. Hence, he chose to crowd fund it which took away most of the time.The film in total costed around 85 K in terms of its budget. Now, what filmmakers usually do is that they wait until this particular project is resurfaced. But what this director did was that, in the meantime he completed another film called ‘suspects’ which is already released and also assisted the film ‘darling 2’ (2016). These projects also helped him  in funding his long delayed project ‘X’.  This filmmaker did not quite dissipate his ‘waiting time’. Now that’s something I feel most of us could attempt trying at least.

The lead was outstanding!

On the question that, how did he make the lead emote a role of this kind, whether it took him days to get into the role, the director said that ‘the lead had already acted in quite a number of films including sethupathy (the guy with the villain), and hence extraction of this kind of acting from him didn’t cost me much and thanks to him for helping me achieve this output!

Lt final

Live recording can be costly.

The equipments used during the making this film costed them a lot more than what one expects as they shot the whole movie in the night. The cost during the night is twice than the usual. Also, the director also said that, using live sounds would become expensive for a short film as, People (from the sound department) would have to actually record these sounds on the location and then process it. However, using sound effects would be quite cheaper without compromising on the quality. One could rely on this fact as the proficiency of the sound designers of this film was evident.



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