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What it Takes to be a ‘Businessman’ Filmmaker?

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Short films are paving their way more into the limelight currently and the short filmers are finally able to gratify their own dreams of gaining limelight in this industry. They aren’t merely stopping with their short films but are making their way into the silver screens and some are even able to dominate the box office collections! The expertise of these short filmmakers has been evident especially in our Tamil cinema industry!

From Karthik Subbaraj (Pizza) to Karthik Naren (D16) who is the most recent debutant to achieve glory in the industry, All have been short filmmakers.Even though there have been  many such debutants who had been short filmers but had made their way into this industry at some point, how many of them are able to carry on the same attention that they had achieved through their debut attempt? How many of them really value the economic aspect of their entry into this field?

The Hangover of the Debutant?

Soodhu kavvum (2013) was the debut film of Nalan kumarasamy who was the winner of the ‘first season of Nalaya iyakunar’ (a short film competition on kalaignar tv ). This film was appreciated both by the critics as well as audience to  become a very commercially viable product in 2013 which also earned a cult status in that year. However, Nalan almost took 3 years to make his next film which was Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum (2016). I remember director Sundar.C saying in one of his interviews about Nalan (who had written screenplay for Theeya Vela Seiyyanum Kumaru) that, Nalan is not able to come out of the hangover from his first film.

Similarly, there are many such filmmakers like T. Ramesh, the man behind the very acclaimed Thegidi (2014), who is yet to come up with his second venture. Also, R. Ravikumar the director of Indru Netru Naalai (2015) who has just now finalised his second project after nearly 2 years. These are only some among the many who have lost the pretty attention that they had achieved through their debut films!

It is Financially Less Viable.

Now what I feel is that, when people aren’t coming up with their projects in time is going to become a financially non-helpful phase for them and as well for the producers. People must however count in the business aspect of making films as well. Aaranya kaandam (2011) that earned a cult status was however a box office failure. The director of this film almost took 5 years to announce his next project. When filmmakers like these start making more and more films in a much shorter span of time than now, it is going to take our industry a step ahead is what I feel.

Very few have been able to pull it off.

Take Karthik Subbaraj for instance, who in no time after the success of his debut film was able to make his second film Jigarthanda which was also a success and immediately after a year or so, came up with Iraivi! The attention that one seeks in the initial time stays intact when one does this is what I feel.In Fact Dheeraj Vaidy, the director of Jil Jung Juk whom Karthik Naren had assisted has also not announced any projects after his debut film whereas his assistant is back with his second venture too!

Karthik Naren following his debut film, D16 which is still running (today is the 95th day) has already started on this second venture Naragasooran and also announced that, Naragasooran would be his second film in his trilogy! Now, this particular filmmaker has valued the business prospect of his films and has been able to keep the attention that he has garnered stay intact! One thing that I felt karthik Naren has been able to do is that, he hasn’t let the success of his first film become a block for his next project. He already is half way through his second venture. Be it a successful film or a failure, one can always go on to make their next project with the same efforts or more for his next project is what I feel. Also, the second project of a filmmaker who had a successful debut film is the real challenge for him so as to keep his success quotient constant and stable. So, one has to make his following films in a short span of time after his debut is not what I mean, one could make sure that he doesn’t lose the limelight garnered and at the same time deliver his next project that’s going to be quite beneficial for the filmmaker at the end of the day!

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