A ‘Unique’ Filmmaking Style To Counter Budget Constraints in Short Film

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Heard about Poetic Filmmaking?

People say it is a different way of telling your story.

Poetic Filmmaking banks on the Philosophy “Less is more”

They don’t go big. They go small!

The plot is important, but these sort of films always try to invoke a state of mind within the viewer.

The films may not hit you while you watch it but it can linger in your mind for a long while.

The below video explains this concept.

But How this style can effectively translate to budget Filmmaking?


As told earlier, the Philosophy of this style is Less is more.

Few characters, very few locations, but you get into the tiniest of details with your camera.

You concentrate on the frame and include only the necessary ones. Only the ones that matter for the plot.

But make sure those few entities in the frame are taken care to its tiniest details because it is these details that is going to convey the story.

The sensual touch with just the hair of the girl slightly blowing in the background…

The slightest smile, no you don’t see the eyes, but get to see just one dimple on the cheek…

The saddened eye and there’s a faint glow on the face of the woman, other things being dark..

The gaping mouth.. the red gaping mouth!

The fearful face… In a black and while film, may be…

Such story don’t need big bucks

Such story don’t need big equipment or exotic location

But remember such story do need a soulful character and very importantly an Intense director!

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