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Filmmaking Lessons in Annamalai: The Cinematic Brilliance of Suresh Krishna

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Baasha got re-released today, digitized. So, have been many cults of that time like Sivaji’s Karnan and MGR’s Aayirthil Oruvan. Well when you are void of art from present to appreciate you can always go back. And, that’s exactly what the video you are going to see towards the end is all about. 

Though there are other films that got digitally released, Baasha seem to have garnered the most attention and that’s not just because it has Thalaivar in it, but because the film was  fantastic. Suresh Krishna – The director of two of Rajnikanth’s landmark movies (Baasha and Annamalai) is seen as the complete commercially selling director. But this video proves us wrong. He is more than just the commercial director, he is the visual master. Well, I am not surprised, coming from the shadows of K.Balachander himself, I couldn’t expect less. But the question is, how well did we notice this?

Both the box office hits were yet another Hero-winning-Villain story, but they stood out, didn’t they? Because Suresh Krishna knew what he was doing. Unlike movies of these days where there are so many jump cuts between one single action, his characters were seamless with their performance and his camera was staged to capture the audience entirely. He might have had simple storylines but he delivered them in the best way possible for it to live long for decades, for younger generation like us to analyze and learn.

Watch this video till end, I am sure Suresh Krishna will make it to the list of  your legendary directors real soon.

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