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Your Film Needs a Different Setting. Stop Showing Roads and Streets

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The recently released film ‘the Ghazi attack’ is being acknowledged with the ‘best movie’ tag from all corners and some of them even  call it easily the ‘best indian war film’ in the recent times. When all of this is being witnessed by most of us regarding the Ghazi, I wonder what is that one thing that ghazi has touched upon that many filmmakers in the recent past haven’t?

Is it the patriotism that the movie bears throughout it? No, we have had our patriotic films very recently (airlift, Baby and many more). Is it the stupendous war sequences which one would find in a war drama? Absolutely No! Ghazi does not even bear a single full fledged war sequence. Then what is it that makes it so enjoyable that all of us have jointly called it the best film in 2017 so far? It is the entire new setting  of the film that makes us watch it thoroughly! Yes! The film set entirely inside a submarine and a war between two countries on a submarine, something that hasn’t been dealt in Indian cinema at least!

Why Is It Important?

The environment in which a film is set is the first engaging factor in it. This setting entirely determines the undertone of the film. The resultant mood of every scene in the film is fully dependent on its environment. The filmmaker’s expertise becomes evident if he takes the audience to that particular location and makes it relatable to them. For example, Take the Ghazi attack, The whole film is set inside a submarine and this setting has it’s own characteristic features which the director has used to tell us a story of this fictitious account of a war. Every location has it’s own share of behavioural patterns that one could lay forward in order to  weave out a story from it.

One could also take Kabali for instance, The whole film was based out in malaysia which itself was a totally different environment. Not because, it was a foreign location (we are prone to foreign locations even for a song ). It’s because, this film was based on tamils in malaysia and it gave us about the cultural differences between here and there. It talked about the underworld mafia that was prevalent there. All these happenings created an experience for the audience that they weren’t used to before.

It need not be an out of the box setting every time!

Now, these locations need not be a foreign location or an entirely different or an unique location. It could be a location that hasn’t been used up to its value before but is  right in front of us. Like our very own colony. Take selvaraghavan’s 7g rainbow colony for instance, this whole film was based out inside one colony (the title had the colony’s name in fact). Or even pudhupettai, again based totally on one area. Infact, All of selvaraghavan’s films have had one prior location out of which his entire films are based on. Now he is one of those filmmakers that values the importance of the film’s environment.

The one film that first struck me on valuing the importance of a setting in the recent times is definitely Madras where the director rightly uses the people of his environment in weaving the story. This setting influences his people and their actions. It’s these actions that ultimately determine the events in a story. Now, these events when compiled becomes into a great film!

Short film requires a setting too!

Almost every successful film would have a great environment on which the entire film is set in. The Gotham (dark knight trilogy), Mahishmati (Baahubali) and many more! One could wonder if this setting is of significance in a short film? Yes, Obviously. I feel whether it is a short film or a feature film, the setting is of utmost necessity for giving a never before experience for the viewers! Take the short film late night show, this film is fully set inside a single room at a cold place. The makers have rightly used this character of the room to set the mood of the film that gives us an intriguing experience!

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