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Why This Youtube Channel Deserves a Special Attention from Aspiring Filmmakers

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We live in a totally different world, definitely not the one we lived a decade back. We do not live in a world where we wait for evening newspapers to read about our favorite heroine’s marriage or wait for the Friday paper to know about the latest releases and their review, come on movies aren’t even released on Fridays now. We book tickets in 10 minutes, order popcorn online, book Uber, watch for 1 hour and BONG. Our review for the movie is up and running. If this is what we commoners do, there are people for this exclusively. The reviewers. They blog, tweet, or upload a video in their YouTube channel, which is the most common and favorite form of review. But do they do justice to the task at hand? Do they kill a movie or make it survive? Do they review the movie or pretend to do so? If only there was someone to answer these questions for us, just when you think of it, I have the answer.

Yet another YouTube channel, you might say, but no. Friday facts is so much more than a normal review channel. Well, to start off with, they do not review a movie, they analyze it. We have seen reviews about the performance, camera, direction, songs etc., it praises or criticizes the movie. But Friday facts does much more. They let us know what the movie went through to become this whole package. The most important aspect of any movie is how much profit it makes to the producer, and what exactly happens once a movie is made. How a is it sold, to whom, the rights, how is the movie declared hit or flop in box office, what is this box office, as audience we hardly find the answers to these questions. But here is a 3-video old channel which gives us promising content about all of this. Another interesting aspect of the channel is they review the reviewers review, that sounds fun, doesn’t it? The fact that they are fearless and go completely transparent about their opinions makes the channel all the more watchable. When you see this channel for a movie review, you not just know if the screenplay was good or if the movie is engaging, you would get a holistic view of the film and its business. No sites tell you the real performance of a movie. This sites tries to deliver the same.

It is too early to pass a judgment, but the content looks way promising.

Thumbs up!

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