One Quick Simple Tip That'll Enhance the Performance of Your Cast

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For a Filmmaking aspirant, Films aren’t just a weekend time pass. It’s more than that to him. Most of these aspirants want to express their love for cinema by trying their hands in Filmmaking through the exposure of a certain set of skills that they have acquired altogether these years. As it is a serious business to them, They expect each of those related with the film to be equally responsible in making these films which is quite genuine as humans. But when this doesn’t happen, The person loses interest and it becomes quite tougher for him to proceed with his project and passion for cinema.

Ofcourse, It’s necessary that each and everyone, From the lightmen till the post – production team , Everyone’s supposed to be quite conscious and devoted towards the project. But, The seriousness of the actors are of more significance than anyone else in the film, As at the end of the day, It’s their faces that’s going to give life to the film. Since, For a first time filmmaker, It’s going be a real tough time to explain the seriousness to his artists (he might even lose interest in making the film) There are little things that can be done to make his job quite easier and enthusiastic.

The Birdman Tip!

Most of us are are aware of the Oscar award winning film, The Birdman, But it’s known to very few of us that, The crew of this film used actual drums on the set and the sound that came from the drums to give the artists a feel of drama (the core concept of the film). This indeed made things easy for the whole crew and was quite a great idea, Since all of us have seen the authentic acting of these artists in the film.

It just occurred to me, When such great award winning films are using such very simple and innovative strategies just to bring the artists into the feel of the film, Why can’t we aspirants adopt such ideas in ours too? We can probably play some music in a phone or a loud speaker on the set to give a feel of the film to the artists! Well, This music need not be the actual bgm of the film, It should just have a resemblance to the particular scene and can be anything, It can even be searched on youtube and played too! This is just for the sake of artists and this music has nothing to do with the film as such. For instance, If the scene has some rain sound to be added in the post, Why not just play it on the set just for the artist? (From youtube :P) It would obviously make him get into the mood of the scene.

I’m sure this might give the artists a quite good atmosphere for them to express what they are expected of in the scene.

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