If You Correctly Guess the True Meaning of this Short Film, You Win a Prize Money!

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The movie that you are about to watch is a good Film.

It had layers of message,

It had something to say to the audience,

It had a neat storytelling,

Overall a good job and kudos to the whole team.

This movie deserve a special mention from us because it was not obvious.

Sometimes As Filmmakers, we tend to be obvious. We tend to spoon feed our thoughts to the audience.

Because we fear of getting misunderstood,

Because we fear of not getting the message across,

We fear of disapproval.

“Fuck all this shit. Let’s make a movie that would make people think. I am really not worried about those people who cannot think, Those are not my audience. “

This sort of attitude is rare in our country and when somebody shows it, we got to appreciate him. Congrats PrabhuRam Vyas and Team

Watch China Visiri and Let’s see whether You correctly guess the essence of the film.

Rs 500 Prize money for the First one who Guess it Right! 😀

Lt final


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