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Something about director Mysskin gives you a sort of tragic, dark vibe. For me it is probably just a reflection of his movies that I see in him. And then I listen to him talk and I realize that he is one filmmaker who respects the art of filmmaking for what it is. He sounds aptly deep when he starts talking about filmmaking, the state of the rising competition in this art form and he is someone who can easily and transparently shift his beliefs in your mind.

Mysskin was invited as a special guest for This & That Short Film Festival that happened in the city last month, and here are a few excerpts from his rather straightforward talk.

“ A true filmmaker knows that there is no competition. A true filmmaker knows that his art is a lot about what he gives out than what he gets back. It is a connection within the filmmaker, with a sole idea that he believes in, a love towards what he saw and felt; and all this cannot be released freely if a filmmaker doesn’t understand that there can be no competition in art. Filmmaking is simply one of the greatest storytelling mediums we have today, an escape route, a different world for the people who are struggling to even dream, and every single filmmaker whom you look up to right now, whom you aspire to be someday, have dedicated their entire life, energy , their love and passion towards telling this world a story that they believe in, and in process have made this world believe in their craft. But the status of the current scenario pushes the aspiring filmmakers to see their fellow artists as a competition and it has become all about who will beat whom to make it in the industry. It is rather upsetting to see this among the short and indie filmmakers.”

“ Short Filmmakers are integral for a reason, for they carry their voice of art on their shoulders and they are in for a huge responsible position. Understand and take in the significant of short films and do not make it look like a competition. The prizes and appreciation that you get when you are tagged the “1st place winner” is just a boost to push you forward, but that is simply not enough to validate you as a complete filmmakers and that doesn’t necessarily make you better than the filmmaker who came second or third. The title called “director” is sometimes simply a name, a tag. But what do you when you stand on that stage defines you. Beyond what most aspiring filmmakers see it as a competition, a beautifully well-knit film will definitely stand out beyond time. In a time when films are becoming all about one glamour heroine, five songs and a couple of fight scenes VetriMaaran’s Visaranai moved me on so many levels. I was invited for a screening of that movie along with other big names and I can tell you that movie will be one of the most sincere and honest idea ever put on screen. And looking at how brilliantly VetriMaaran has worked on that film, I am thoroughly happy for his magnum contribution to Tamil Cinema. But above all this this is the truth: when that film garners great name in the industry, not just VetriMaaran but we all as Filmmakers win. VetriMaaran has earnestly has realized his responsibility in the industry, he is someone who has realized that he has got so much to give this medium being a Director. “

“There is no competition in art, there can never be any competition in art, then why to corrupt the young minds who have the capacity to think and dream with the idea that they have to be first to bear a title- Director. The word “competition” is one of the biggest shams in the filmmaking industry and it is highly vital for a creative person to trust in his story and his idea, and put it out and come to an understanding the title Director doesn’t mean just merely making films, but “Director” is a responsibility. ”



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